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NISEI Questions Thread


I remembered!



NISEI friends, I get that you don’t want people using your card backs etc, but would you be willing to release nice versions of the faction icons? Nicole is making Netrunner pottery and I thought the new icons might be a nice touch.


A: We’re looking into a sort of Creative Commons or Copyleft license where we can stipulate a few things but legally protect the icons (just in case).

Lots of us in NISEI want the community to be able to use as much as possible, and we’re working on it. We just need to be able to purge bad actors.


This sounds perfect, even though my middle school drama teacher told me I’m a bad actor. Looking forward to hearing more!


New question. I have pretty good vision, no glasses etc, but I can barely read (and often misread) the Trace number on existing cards in play in a way that happens with no other card text. Pulling the card in to study it gives away more than I’d like to about my intentions. As part of your accessibility work, has it come up to make this more visible?


The trebuchet image strongly implies so, sorry I didn’t think to look before asking, and thanks for the change!


This was actually one of the first conversations we had - nobody was a fan of that tiny writing!


Now that one organisation has control of NRDB and the deck building app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shuneault.netrunnerdeckbuilder) would it be possible to have deck lists synced?

(I feel like this has been asked before, apologies if so.)


Hey Lunchmoney, NISEI does not currently have any control or otherwise connection to the deck building app on Android.


The Android app is open source, hosted at GitHub, and any code contributions would be warmly received.

Nrdb integration is on the issues list and would benefit from the attention of someone who has experience with oauth2 in Java

https://github.com/ANRDigital/ANR-Deck-Builder/ for those who are interested.


Ah, my mistake then. I thought they were working on it all now.


For clarity in case anyone else has similar questions, the NISEI Web Dev team currently manage NISEI.net and netrunnerdb.com.

While we have great relationships with the owners and contributors for several other Netrunner-related projects/products (and we even have a representative on the team who acts as liaison with the fantastic jinteki.net development team), we do not have any direct control over those projects.

For those that are open source projects, we can submit proposed changes on GitHub through a Pull Request just like anyone else, but we have no direct influence over what is accepted, merged or deployed.

We will also always welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to either netrunnerdb.com or NISEI.net through logging Issues or creating Pull Requests on GitHub:

NetrunnerDB GitHub
NISEI.net GitHub

Hope that helps and clears up any similar questions.


Thankfully not, I think we’ve already got about as much on our plate as we could reasonably cope with without recruiting another half dozen developers XD


Since the Downfall art is super spiffy and more than worthy of its own cardboard, has the price been announced for the printed sets yet?


It has not yet, no.


Do you know the format and look of the Downfall downloadable pdf’s yet, specifically how the corners of the cards will look? I will be making my own copes, with straight corners, so I hope the graphics will fill out the entire corner, if that makes sense.

I am pretty amazed by your job on the Downfall cards. Excellent work!


The printable PDF will have square-cornered cards.


Recent NISEI article states that buying from “DriveThruCards” is the best way to support NISEI in terms of revenue. Since I’m located in Europe, the obvious choice is to go with “MakePlayingCards”. But I want to support NISEI in terms of revenue :slight_smile: .

So here goes the question - does NISEI benefit at all from orders placed on “MakePlayingCards”?



perhaps you should buy through MPC and send them some money?


We get a small cut from MPC, but not much.