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NISEI Questions Thread


The idea of moving from 4-5 round double sided tournaments to 5-7 forty-five minute one sided rounds, then a cut sounds very appealing to me from a competitive standpoint. You get slightly fewer actual games, but those games will be better. For such a complex game, only having essentially half an hour to play one is… Incredible. I never feel like 30 minutes is a proper game of Netrunner.


Have a look here:

i tried it for 2 tournaments.


And what was the result?


It was in:

First I had issues with the software in both tournaments. Meaning in the first one I used the wrong software and in the second I swtiched to doing it manually, my feeling was adding players later for round 2 might have broken it.
In general there are some things to considder:

  • You play more players so it’s good for introducing new players into your meta
  • You are faster in the area you belong to (first or last table, or whatever table based on your deck & skill) so less painful games.
  • But you play less total games. While when you play 5 rounds of swiss you play 10 games of ANR in this format you will play 7 - 8 games
    But I enjoyed it as TO, but don’t know what other think about it.


This may not be universally true. I personally enjoy the back-and-forth with sharing a pair of games with one opponent. When meeting new people I find it spending more time one on one with someone cool is more relaxing and engaging than spending less time per person with a slightly larger number cool people.

Not arguing for/against a tournament structure. Just wanted the introvert side to be heard from.


Is the design article with Greg still coming?


Yep, due to drop on Monday (29th April).


Any ETA for the next MWL update?


I believe this evening UK time, possibly around 8pm, @RealityCheque can confirm 100% I expect.


That’s correct - 8pm GMT is our standard time for announcements.


I learned soemthing too! :slight_smile:


So 8 PM GMT = 9 PM BST = 10 PM CEST?


They want to use it next weekend: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2059/nisei-standard-day-a


I imagine @RealityCheque meant 8pm BST, as the UK is currently on BST, not GMT/UTC.

BST operates from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October:

8pm BST = 7pm GMT = 7pm UTC = 9pm CEST I believe.

This site is pretty useful:


Not sure if I open the box of Pandora…
shouldn’t we get news about the next set soon? Based on the approach to provide 4x packs a year that would be in June as the lädt one was in March


A: We’ll announce when we’re ready. I know that’s vague, but it’s hard to announce anything we don’t even have full details on yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, to give you some (but not all the) information: We’re testing right now, art is being commissioned, and the set likely won’t make Q3.