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NISEI Questions Thread

Yea I don’t… think that’s a standard that anyone should be going by. The short notice was so stressful that it felt like the community was falling apart.

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You’re probably going to be sorely disappointed, then. It’s likely our announcement-to-event-date standard will always be tighter than FFG’s. Especially with big events. They’re a titanic amount of work to organize.

That’s not me trying to be flippant, that’s just reality. We don’t have anywhere near their resources or time. We’re 40 or so unpaid volunteers with day jobs. They’re a multinational multimillion dollar company with employees.

Let’s be clear: We understand less lead time means less people are able to plan and show up. It is what it is. Sorry if anyone misses out, but we can’t announce what isn’t finalized. We’re working on Worlds. That’s all we can say.

To answer your question specifically @Terrificy: No. The community can’t really do anything to help other than be patient. Unless, that is, they can collectively scrounge up $10,000 to $40,000US per event.

We move at the speed of venue research and venue owner responses. Because that’s the major lag time. The quick easy ones that don’t require tons of follow-up and research, turns out, are really expensive.

Before y’all ask about the Patreon and set money, tons went into UKGE. Tons more will go into other events. But a lot also goes into art. NONE has gone into any of our pockets.

I think what you are saying is totally understandable! The issue with pre financing an event is huge I can understand that.
also that the time line might be short!

But I think people would appreciate if you would make it public, there is no shame needed. So you can avoid the rumors.

And I can understand that patron money is gone, but why not setup a specific fund for events? When this gets you 10K it would help and could be used for future everts. When the result is its easiest to find a location.


I totally understand this. Event organization is time consuming. No argument from me there. Just some more communication would perhaps be nice. As a TO having windows and solid dates for Nats/Worlds is highly beneficial, as this allows me to make sure dates/windows don’t clash. Also it opens the possibility of possible collaboration. As a sidenote to be in before the very logical thought of “but you’re free to run your own thing”: Of course, but as we’ve seen with Euros, tons of folks were waiting to see what happens on the Worlds (and to a lesser extent) on the Nats front. What Nisei says and does directly affects TO’s.

Help us to help you and more importantly; the game :slight_smile:


We’ll have info for you as soon as we can. Y’all know the drill by now, I don’t like to announce anything unless it’s definite - and that goes triple for something people have to spend money on. I don’t want people booking flights and hotels until the date is carved in stone.

Is this ideal? Hell no. Sadly, this is the situation we have to deal with for our first year running massive events - after we’ve done it once, the second time will go more smoothly, even more so with the third and so on… eventually I would like to be announcing the date and location of Worlds shortly after the previous one finishes.

So this year, we’ll do at least as good as FFG did. If people can’t make it because of the short notice, then that’s sad but the alternative is that it doesn’t happen at all.


My apologies if the above came off as a bit harsh or accusatory. Leaving the posts and not editing them for the sake of transparency. But really: Sorry. I know y’all are just asking because you really love Netrunner.


Is it a possibility to at least know which venues are being investigated/researched/considered? Or is that more like “Too many to realistically list and have it be useful”?

Definitely that second thing at this point.

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Any thoughts on the fast rotation that FFG recently announced for L5R, and possibly doing something along those lines for Standard?

Instead of rotation happening at 7, they’re looking to have it trigger on the start of the fifth cycle, and knocking out the two oldest cycles to keep the card pool svelte.

We just announced our rotation plans :slight_smile:

The only reason I’m sad about C&C rotating is that now I have to pick a different thing to advise new players to get second after a Core Set…

More like an announcement of a announcement :wink:

Hopefully, the fuller article will have more details on the overall cycle/number of cards we will keep in Standard.

The bulk of C&C is rotating, there’s not many cards being kept.

Sorry, let me be more clear. L5R has announced that rotation will be at 5th cycle. We haven’t announced how many cycles we’ll keep in Standard yet.

We’re aiming for a smaller card pool than FFG were, but it won’t be a sudden drop down to X cycles.


I note in that article that you write that the ‘Lunar Cycle’ and ‘Creation & Control’ are both difficult to get hold of. I thought that it might be worth mentioning that what’s hampering me from getting back on the ANR cum NISEI wagon is the difficulty of getting hold of the later cycles, ‘Red Sand’ and ‘Kitara’, as well as ‘Reign & Reverie’ and ‘Magnum Opus’. ( Not that i expect this to be a situation you can resolve any time soon, at least not with any ease. )

Yeah, that’s a problem. Unfortunately the only solution we have right now is “proxies are legal” :frowning:


Something I didn’t see mentioned in the GenCon article: how does one sign up for the Day 2 side events? I didn’t see anything on the GenCon website about a ticket for them. Or are they included with the Day 1 registration?

They’re all under the same ticket :slight_smile:

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