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NISEI Questions Thread



We are certainly keen on keeping NAPD around but with as much as we have on our plate currently (new MWLs, other formats, core set, rotation, documents, Winter GNK, Store Champ kit, etc.) it is pretty close to the bottom of the list. But don’t think we’ve forgotten about it!

Anonymous questions:

Again, I can’t discuss in any certain terms what distribution will look like until after October 22nd (when FFG’s license ends). But I’d bet on you being able to get cards in a similar fashion. This will be announced after Oct. 22nd!

Yes, absolutely! There are even proxy generators out there now! Check out this one.

DO NOT have this discussion with FFG or in a space where FFG has no choice but to acknowledge it. Their assets are still their assets. NISEI does not have the resources to fight a legal battle, even if it’s one that could be won, so it must not present a problem for anyone with a financial stake in Netrunner’s assets or IP. FFG can continue to look the other way until we give them a reason not to - like distributing their assets.

That or a similar service… or, rather, you might very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment :wink:


Ok, extremely serious question time. Being the gaming conosseur that I am, I demand extremely high quality of design in my games and hence I remain highly skeptic of anyone daring to touch my precious, precious little Runner game.

I think I would need proof. Yes, proof, of your involvement. And what better proof than reprinting World Domination?

Yes, yes, World Domination. I’ve pestered the previous three designers about it and I’ll now pester YOU about it. Will you print World Domination? Please reprint World Domination.

World Dominaaaatiooooon


Will there be a way to support Nisei financially?

Something like Kickstarter for a kickoff? Or monthly subscription like Patreon?


It isn’t clear how to use this. Another option: https://gparmer.github.io/anrproxy/ Luckily, I think there are a lot of good resources out there for this.


Ok honest question. Are cards like Crowdfunding legal? They seem incredibly unbalanced.


A: Potentially. We will announce it in an article if so, but for now we have to figure out the legal ramifications of doing so. Just keep coming to events, and get your store to grab a GNK when they’re available.


A: Short answer, the Champ cards are likely going to be legal at NISEI events.

Long answer, all decisions are up to Austin and the MWL team that are testing their visions for the NISEI meta right now. We’ll announce when there is news to announce.

Oh, and the MOpus cards (Watch the World Burn and Hired Help) will almost certainly be banned in at least Standard.


It’s called Project Beale :wink:


Project Beale is actually a remake of Project Babylon.


So, technically, World Domination can still be reprinted.

And then, World Domination can interact with San San, counts as 3 agenda points for agenda composition of the deck and can be scored at 12 advancement points.

But I think that the important thing is that World Domination was an iconic card of ONR and you actually won the game by dominating the world, quite an achievment.

P.S. I do not want World Domination reprinted. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nit picky, NR not ANR :wink:


Fixed it, Thnx!


Ok, I’ll give you that :lol:

I was more hinting that a single agenda can still win outright whilst not giving many points away :slight_smile:


Plus the on card quote is great :rofl:


I would definitely not immediately make a BoN deck with Biotic Labor and RPC and 3x World Domination…



Anonymous Q’s

A: Unfortunately, due to the legal and intellectual property issues that this would present, NISEI can’t offer any of the official cards directly. We’re sure the community will come up with something you can hunt down on Reddit or whatever when it’s available. We will, of course, be allowing most kinds of legible proxies at NISEI events.

A: As per our OG FAQ, don’t talk to FFG or any other entity involved about NISEI or the community efforts. At a certain point they’d be forced to take notice and issue the appropriate C&Ds. We don’t plan to reach out to them and don’t want to give them a reason to notice us AT ALL.

As far as tools to print cards, again, NISEI will not and cannot offer anything of the sort directly, but we can’t stop another community member from creating something…

A: We’re currently looking into how to distribute cards and we’ll let you know where to get them ASAP. We will NOT be distributing any of FFG’s official cards, but NISEI cards are expected to be on a printing site of some sort.

A: Stay tuned… :wink:


+1 for a NISEI podcast.


But, you’re planning on releasing alt-art version of current cards for tournament kits, right? I thought that’s what I saw in terms of OP plans. Maybe it doesn’t matter if the whole card re-designed?


A: Yes. We are planning on doing alt-arts, and I can tell you they will be of widely used and ‘staple’ cards (spoilers). However, these will be with new templates that don’t infringe on FFG’s. They’ve been really cool about fan-made alts in the past, so we’re hoping these will be fine.

To offer further clarification, I mean that we won’t be making any cards available with the official FFG card templates or art, and redoing the whole catalog is probably a no-no under the “don’t get noticed” objective, so alt-arts and NISEI cards will be mainly what you see.


Another +1 for a NISEI podcast.

For now–to bridge the gap–Code Marvelous is running a series of YouTube interviews with the NISEI board members that are really good. You can find them here.


Very in keeping with Cyberpunk :slight_smile: