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NISEI Questions Thread


When will the new MWL enter effect? I’m worried about the power of the new Champion cards and I know that, were I to play them, I would drive players out of the door.


Color copies, even in the US, are pretty expensive, so I think this is probably incorrect globally. It may well be that for your specific case, color copies are broadly affordable, but NISEI definitely should not assume that to be the case generically.

We’ve allowed greyscale proxies at GNK events I’ve been in and part of since the very beginning of the game (and hey–that’s how the playtesting worked!) and I’d like to try to reassure you that there’s never been a particular problem with them. They are legible and clear; not necessarily pretty, but pretty is a step up from functional.


Details will be dropped on the 16th of November, with it going live on the 19th of December IIRC :slight_smile:


1t4th is an alternate spelling of 16th, yes?


I look at a color proxy from the other side of the table. I immediately know the card and 99% of the cases I know exactly what it is doing. Game continues smoothly.

I look at a black-and-white proxy. I don’t recognize the card by art, I have to bother my opponent to give me the card so I can read the title. This happens multiple times in the game because the whole deck of my opponent is like this (as faceup cards of my opponent are open knowledge, I am not supposed to memorize them, so I check often to be sure). A match which would be 55-60 minutes goes to time instead.

Very nice of you to cut my post exactly the way that makes it say something I didn’t say. Did you read the next sentence?

Yes, we should support minorities. But we should do this in wise ways. I knew a person, who had arachnophobia strong enough, that they were not only afraid of real spiders, but also of depictions of them. If somene sits next to them wearing a t-shirt with a spider drawing, they would simply stand up and leave to avoid freaking out. Suppose this person started playing Netrunner. Would you support a global ban on spider t-shirts at Netrunner events, or would you trust the local TO that they will introduce a local policy that supports this player without inconveniencing another player at the other end of the world who happens to believe that they access more agendas when wearing their lucky spider t-shirt?

If my opponent is not using a click tracker, I can do this. I did this a lot in complicated situations and there have been several times when a CI7 combo has failed only because my click tracking has shown to my comboing opponent that they have less clicks than they thought they have. If my opponent has a board state messy enough to make it impossible to follow their plays, I can call an official to make a ruling. A full grayscale deck is legal within Nisei rules, I see reasons why this is wrong so I try to show them.

I’m not in the US, so cannot say about prices there. In the place where I live, it costs about $4 to print 100ish color proxies (11 A4 pages, enough for two Netrunner decks). This $4 is about 1 hour of work at minimal wage here, I wouldn’t say this is a prohibitive cost for cards one will use for a full day tournament, and they will likely reuse most of them next time. Possibly Poland is a cheap printing heaven. Out of curiosity, how much does it cost to print 1 page in colour at your place?


For the GNKs, is there any danger of stock running out? My FLGS is willing to order one, but they’re not super inclined to order it right away, since they still have the last FFG GNK to run. I’d like to know how risky delaying the order is.


A: Shouldn’t be too risky. We’ll fill all orders that come in as long as the sales link is up on the website. Everything is pretty much POD, we’re just doing them in bulk to keep costs down. Rest assured, you’ll get one if you order one.


Yes, that’s exactly right :man_facepalming:


Anon question:

A: Not at this time. Our current ‘full support’ formats are Eternal, Standard, Snapshot, and Draft.

Eternal is all cards no rotation and NISEI MWL, Standard is NISEI rotation and MWL, Snapshot is official FFG meta as of the end of Magnum Opus 2018, and Draft is draft (likely a curated cube).


Is there any timeline for when the MWLs for Eternal and Standard will be released?


Does this mean that Spapshot will keep the MWL as it stands without anything done to the Magnum Opus cards? Won’t that kill that format?


A: Standard will see something on the 16th, as RC stated earlier. I don’t believe the other formats have solid dates yet. We’ll have more details on some of this on the 16th.

A: Snapshot will be whatever was legal at the Magnum Opus tournament proper, which means that Champion and OrgCrime cards are not legal. It’s literally a snapshot of the final tournament legality.


The Eternal MWL will be announced on the 16th as well :slight_smile:


About $1 per page + tax at FedEx. Around $15 if you need to print off two decks. It’s not an absurd amount, but I wouldn’t be real excited about paying git for paper.

Edit: Minimum wage is $7.25, so more twice as expensive in terms of minimum wage hours worked to pay for it.


Question: Does NISEI already have a centralised place for submitting rules questions? (I assume this isn’t it.)


If you have a short question, tweet us @NISEI_Rules

If it requires a bit more depth, email us at projectNISEI@gmail.com

We’ll have a location on the website for submitting queries at some point.


I’m not on Twitter, so I wrote an e-mail.


Any chance we can use DriveThru Cards printing service for the Rebith set and forthcoming expansions ? That’s a really great service i use for RPG stuff



We will be making NISEI sets available for PNP at home and on print sites.

We cannot at this time provide System Core for print or purchase as all the cards in it are owned by FFG. We are investigating further options for the long term.


this just beautiful