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NISEI Questions Thread


The new system core looks great!

I can buy the logic on RDI, my only reservation is Eli 1.0. Why not give Marcus 1.0 a spot in the sun? Hopefully there are some alternative fracter options that target it effectively coming up.

I do also feel like Faust might’ve been ok for a comeback in eternal for old times sake. Kinda on the bubble though. Can’t wait to see what the tournament throws up!


great, I still gotta buy three core sets. :wink:

I kid, I think this set-up looks really solid and I’m excited to see how it plays out.


In Eternal testing, apparently pretty much every deck ran Faust. That’s boring.


Has there been any thought about a possible “House Arrest” tier of the MWL, where things on it have their influence bar removed so they can’t be used out-of-faction?

Speaking of monkeying around with the influence bar, any thought on the possibility of factioned agendas with influence bars in future sets so they can be splashed? There’s so many neat agendas out there that I wouldn’t mind spending a inf or two to be able to run in Weyland, for instance.


Sounds like it could get complicated! Nice idea though.

Not AFAIK, I haven’t seen it mentioned.


I’ll be honest it has nixed my initial plans.


One of the cards that I really hoped to come back was Snowflake, mostly because I like playing Nisei Division (from time to time). Was there a reason why Snowflake didn’t make a comeback? Is it too powerful?

Also, do I understand it correctly that Blue Level Clearance is back, but Green Level Clearance is now rotated out of standard? o.O

Green Level Clearance is one of my favourite cards. :frowning_face:

I really hope you will be able to answer.


The issues with these cards are numerous - granted, they introduce some interesting mechanics, but they were never playtested nor designed through the proper channels, which serves to trivialize the hard work that designers, developers, and playtesters do.

This is kind of a weird argument. Why not just judge WtWB and HH on their merits? If they’re unbalanced–and they sure seem to be–then that’s reason enough to ban them. And if they’re not, do we really have to pretend that good cards only ever happen by going through a laborious design, development, and testing process? Does it trivialize everyone’s hard work to merely acknowledge that one can occasionally stumble upon the final version of a well-crafted card on the first attempt?


When are the first new “Nisei” cards being released?


From the article we posted today:

[…] yet we could not replace them without releasing new cards, which we are not ready to do until early 2019.


In my experience as a tester, less than 1% of cards didn’t need changes upon the first attempt. If hh or wtwb had been shown to us as part of the champion card playtesting process, there would have been extensive feedback - mostly along the lines of “don’t do this” and large quantities of effort stating that these effects are not great for the game; and lastly made it very clear that ffg needs to make notes that these cards should not be considered legal for tournament play similar to the campaign cards from terminal directive.


2019 December?




Has anyone already created Custom cards for the Magnum Opus set ? (8 cards)


“Early” 2019.

I don’t have any exact dates for you, but considering how consistent the team has been with its timings and update schedule (plus how hard I can see they are all working behind the scenes), I would trust that it should be the first half of 2019.

Even if that makes it June, while that’s a long time to wait, it’s a very, very quick turnaround considering when this process was able to start. I’m also excited to see what the rest of the team have in store for us, and when there’s a more exact date, RC will absolutely let us all know. (Or hell let us know the Friday after he does. :wink:)

But I’m hoping for something along the lines of a Smuseum of History. Just spitballing ideas here…


That was definitely not the case with these two cards. We’ve tested them, and the results were… unsatisfactory.



https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/kysra —> Border Control, Labor Rights
https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/meanladyaltarts —> Slot Machine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or, if I understood your question wrong, and you’re just after a practical way to get the Champion cards only:



It had a spot in the sun, and it very rarely left anyone’s binders.


Hi, sorry if this isn’t the right thread for this. I’ve been directed here by a few other people while asking for help on this topic.

Since you have plans to make more cards, do you have templates for making Netrunner cards? Specifically for HB agenda. If so would you mind sharing?

I’m going to propose to my wonderful girlfriend and I’d like to make a special HB agenda to do it. Unfortunately my photoshop skills are terrible so I can’t make one from a high quality scan (the HB logo, score and cost areas are too busy for the autofill to fix and that’s the only trick I know).