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No Mediohxcore!


It seems like T.I. has the right idea about @mediohxcore.



Something about Iggy makes my heart sad



something about her makes my heart very happy


Mining the depths of exploitation. Thank you TI


What the hell, Iggy but not Iggy Pop?


Probably the curves.


There’s no light in her eyes…


how is this not mediocre ?
of only moderate quality; not very good.
“a mediocre song”


It’s definitely not mediohxcore, though, unless I was distracted during his cameo appearance.


Thank God. I have had enough of wife beaters and e-cigs already.


I consulted with T.I. on this song


No sleeves to rule them all, No sleeves to find,
No sleeves to bring them all and in the winter bind them!



btw Iggy ended the day she released next track after her free mixtape

Titan Transnational

Mediocrity is a step up from what I rate this song. :slight_smile:

World Champion of wife beaters
"I don’t want no Mediohxcore"