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Nordic Championship Finals Game 2– A Detailed High-Level Analysis

Discuss the latest article by Orange Devil analyzing the second Nordic Championship Finals game.


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Again a very nice article! It must have been very hard to analyze my play without seeing my hand. Anyway my plan after seeing a couple of his cards and my draw was to let him score a couple of agendas while finding a couple of Tinkerings, R&D Interfaces and a Maker’s Eye in order to make one big run on R&D and get the 3+ points I needed.
I also always tend to react when players don’t plan out their entire turn and draws with the last clicks. Yet I make that same mistake myself more often than I want to admit. I was actually tempted to do something else after realizing what I had done in this game in order to hide it since we were on camera but decided against it because too much was on the line :P.

I played Inside Job because I thought it worked with Kit. I almost learned it the hard way but I was lucky and got it pointed out to me before it ended up mattering. Overall the deck worked out very well for me, I was undefeated for the whole tournament as runner. I luckily won both of the 2 elimination matches 10-0 which allowed me to mulligan for Hostile Takeover and win early in the 2nd games.

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Great job once again OD!
In hindsight, I probably should have taken a mulligan this game. IIRC I had vitruvius, biotic labor, enigma, pop up and ichi. With some decent early draws I could get into a strong position and I didn’t want to risk mulligan into more agendas or something.
This was my first time against Kit so I was unsure on what to expect. I thought that he would be more aggressive in pushing out a decoder and then run, so I was hoping the Ichi behind pop up could get a trash off. I think I drew the Gila on my first turn, followed by another Ichi on the next turn. Since I was low on stopping power with only an Enigma on HQ I didn’t want to risk the 2AP Vitruvius over Gila, if this had been game 1 I would have gone for Gila for sure.
Out of the eight (I think?) ICE I drew I only got 1 Eli, which came too late. Stopping a Kit with only code gates and Ichis and no econ was pretty hard. Playing the Sansan naked would definitely have been the right move to slow him down. Scoring the ABT was a huge mistake. I had just enough money to rezz all the R&D ICE and should just have put down the Sansan and take 2c. But still, without econ draws I wouldn’t have enough credits to push trough the ABT and rezz R&D ICE. So if he had ignored the Sansan, knowing what card it was, he could have prepared for that big R&D run anyway, letting me score the ABT, alternatively run HQ guessing I had an agenda there since I played out the Sansan. In the end though, you are completely right.
Anyway, great job predicting my decks and explaining your thought process. Here are my decklists for reference:

Slin: I too made the mistake thinking that Inside job worked with Kit when I thought about making a deck with her :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, well played, nice to see a cool Kit deck win and good luck in worlds!

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Your first time against any abnormal ID is going to be tricky, and mistakes should probably be expected.

I remember when Kit first came out people got into heated arguments about the synergy of Kit and Inside Job.