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Nordic Nationals 2015 - Winning Decklists

Bow down to your new Viking King!

Self indulgent blog posts to follow, but for now get your mince pies round the winning deck lists of the Nordic National Champion 2015.

Dirty Noise - like all the other Noise, but with random Dirty Laundry in.

HB Webz - who the funk puts Spiderweb in a HB deck?


Damn troublemaker, get you back at Worlds (on the side game that is, got nothing on Netrunner :frowning: )

Graz on the win!

I think this is actually good, that a non-Nordic won, since it is likely to draw more players to Nordics next year, as we offer the full ticket to worlds. Hopefully I get home field advantage next year, Stockholm woooo!


Gaz, could you submit these in the tournament winning decklists page?

Did we meet at the event? I’ve no idea who people are in real life compared to screen names. I welcome our meeting at worlds, you can bow before me and swear fealty! :wink:

Done! Get moderating it, Mr Moderator. :smiley:

We did, I thought “Troublemaker” would make it all clear. We played ONUW for a couple of hours on Saturday night, I sat on your right.

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Congratulations to the win. Looking forward to see you again at Worlds.


Ah that Yoshi! Yes, it all makes sense now! Good to meet you - I often get called trouble, so hadn’t made the connection. :wink:

Full ticket for foreigners (I guess when 4 countries work together, that’s not that weird)?

Planning the trip for next year as we speak!

HEY! No Germans :wink:

(okok eevyone welcome, we don’t discriminate, and any winner gets the full boat)

3 Countries actually, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Finns have their own. Not that many players either, biggest one yet was this year with 63 players.

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Sounds great. I will check it out next year and hopefully the date fits (and the plane ticket isn’t too expensive)!

No Germans sounds fair though :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, might not be in Copenhagen, maybe Stockholm, but should not cost any more or less to fly.

Sry, thought you were German first, welcome :wink:

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Hey, I am planning to be there next year, too. I hope I will be welcome, even as a German. Promise, I am one of the nice ones. :wink:

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It’d actually be nicer for the Baltics to get to Stockholm than Copenhagen. I could take a ferry from Riga. I had actually considered going to Nordics this year but decided not to.

I had to defeat one of your countrymen to win the tournament - I view it as revenge for Belgium. :wink:

That sound tempting.

I know, that is one of the selling points I used in the past when talking to the distributor regarding location for Nordics. The Finns would have a much easier time to attend too. The Norwegians I think also find it easier to travel here and for large parts of Sweden it is easier to travel to Stockholm than to Malmoe or Copenhagen.

I all of you contact Enigma (the distributor) and wish for Nordics in Stockholm next year, maybe they’ll listen :wink:

WOOOO! Looks like we might get a whole slew of the top crop from Europe to Nordics next year then! :smiley:

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Stockholm or Copenhagen or Malmö is a wash for us Norwegians. We’ve got a smaller playerbase than even the Danes, so we’re not expecting Nordics in Oslo any time soon, but we’d appreciate it if it was in Göteborg either next year or the year after.

I mean, seeing as this is our national championship too. The finns have their own, and I guess maybe the baltics have, or could have as well.

Will no one think of Iceland!?

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After IceSave, do you really trust them?

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