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North American prize promo card?

[quote]Day 2 Competitors: Players who make it
to the second day of competition will receive a brand new,
never-before-seen plastic spot-glossed card. This card will be announced
and revealed to the world at the beginning of the tournament![/quote]

What the heck is this? Is it a card that you will only be able to get at the tourney? Doesn’t that defeat the point of an LCG?

I’m pretty sure they just mean the specific alternate artwork will be brand new never-before-seen, not the card itself.


Or it may be a card’s that’s coming in a future pack, and it won’t be legal until then.

It is Chronos Project.

Was shown on reddit already.

Chronos Project is the default card for the Nationals kit, it’s not the mystery card they mentioned.

Wow, the alt art for Chronos Project is intense–I love it.

It is probably similar to the Lotus Field promo card. First ones were given out at GenCon and then more at Worlds.

Sometimes it’s frustrating not to be a murican :frowning:


It mentions a mystery card in the European Championships article too. Unclear whether it’ll be a brand new one or the same one they’re giving at NA champs.

European Championship is next year though and NA will still have their own next year, so that doesn’t make much difference about all this swag being NA only. (They could give these prizes next year for EU, but that would be kind of weird.)