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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


Hey, that was probably my less-than-great BoN deck! So far, I have yet to see a not less-than-great BoN deck. This one was really something special, though.


I think BoN needs ICE worth advancing, then it will be able to get some traction.

I’ve made a few decks without Jackson, they were all rush decks. My thought process was ‘if the goal is to go fast and rush agendas, is spending a turn dumping agendas with Jackson helping?’ I decided that the tempo loss in the rush wasn’t worth it, and neither was the 3 influence.

I would not say that these were good decks, but that’s what my thought process was. Sometimes they work.


Advancing ice could be worth it if they made an ICE like Oaktown Reno that gives you your money back :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be kinda awesome. Advance Only When Rezzed ICE that pays you for each advancement. Gives you subs/strength every two or three. It might even, dare I say it, make BWBI good?


I think it was suggested in a Reddit custom card thread, but a Weyland ID that read: “The first time you advance a card each turn, draw a card.” would be even more useful than the credit refund, IMO. Would be a strong tempo ID in general and make advanceable ICE more palatable. The issue with the cards is tempo, not money, in my experience.


It happens to be true that in a Rush deck you need to draw Agendas. And if you don’t need him for saving agendas, Jackson’s pretty good at drawing cards. So, Jackson still belongs in Rush decks…

I’ve had fun with An Offer You Can’t Refuse out of BoN. Good? Probably not. Certainly fun though. (It’s pretty much always a point. Or they can run into your Archer/Grim server without the means to break it… After hitting an advanced Shadow to take a meat damage…

I do actually like Shadow out of BoN, though of course I like Wormhole better. Just… not Builder. Builder’s still not playable.


There are better options. Spending your whole turn with Jackson draws a single extra card (and runners won’t/shouldn’t) leave him alone longer than that. Given you effectively spent a card and three clicks to draw 4 cards, that’s terrible efficiency. That Jackson could have been Fast Track if that was your goal, or pure draw if you just wanted raw cards.

Back in the old Supermodernism days, there were sensible discussions about vs Jackson vs Anonymous Tip, and Jackson was usually deemed as inferior but could sometimes save you from terrible agenda flood. Now that you run GFI in everything, I’m not sure that holds.


Jackson is a very strong card that provides a lot of value, but at the cost of 3 influence, sometimes it is worth looking at other lines of play that can provide a similar effect for no influence cost. I’ve had some luck with Fast Track to draw an agenda on demand.

With as a 40/12 ID, I think BoN is the perfect ID to experiment with a Jackson-less rush build. To me, the main issue is still lack of good advanceable ICE.




NRDBir is my favorite anime.


Is this thing still around? I came back here to re-read the smile on thousand faces fanfic