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OCTGN Matchup Analysis, Part 2

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/octgn-matchup-analysis-part-2/

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I don’t even want to talk about how long it took me to do the labels and align the columns on the first plot… and the column alignment still didn’t come out perfectly after scaling to pane the two plots side by side!

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Regarding the low amount of games in December: DB0 lost the data for half of december, so thats why its small.

I didn’t know that! That does explain it, though. Cool.

Nice article on both counts. Thank you for compiling this data and doing all the work! At the end of the day, in terms of runners, it tells us exactly what we knew but with hard data – Criminal is slightly overpowered (just slightly) and Anarch really needs some love pretty badly. Wonder what this next cycle will have in store.