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OCTGN Stimhack Rush League #1 - One week only league. Starts 12/14/15!

(Shameless jacking of the good man @Argamas’s original post. Thanks again you saint.)


We are taking a longer break between OCTGN leagues this time around. I figure, we got a Jinteki.net version currently rolling (which if you aren’t in that… shame on you and get on that!) run by @SimonMoon. So the break isn’t as unwelcome as it would be in the past.

How long of a wait are we talking?

OCTGN Stimhack League #7 is going to start in the early parts of January 2016. Either First or Second Week. Be on the look out for that!

But… maybe you are craving a league, and don’t like Jinteki.net interface. Maybe you feel you missed the boat on the Jinteki.net league. Maybe you want a new experience entirely…

Well… there’s hope for you yet!

Introducing The OCTGN SHL Rush.

All the fun of a league, with much less of the time commitment!

Card Legality - If it’s a data pack is on OCTGN in its entirety, it’s legal. So whenever Mumbad starts, that’s the rule.

Hello Netrunner Universe,

I am very excited to announce the OCTGN SHL Rush. We are happy that we can continue the league for this great community!

First and foremost here, while OCTGN is a great interface, please do your homework and know how to use OCTGN prior to entering any league games.

OCTGN is not entirely intuitive, but thankfully Tuism (from BGG) made an excellent easy to use OCTGN GUIDE.

We will be using http://www.challengeboards.net/ as our league host.

You will need to “register” for BOTH the website and for the specific league. The league is called OCTGN SHL Rush League #1

The Password for the league is “whoneedsfreetime” (remove the airquotes). We decided to add a password to avoid the few nasty players we encounter every league.

Please make your names on OCTGN, Stimhack, and the league website as close to the same as possible to avoid confusion for your opponents!

The league will start 12/14/2015 and conclude 12/22/2015.

That’s right. One week. That’s it. Go full ham sandwich and don’t be afraid to bleed ELO.

When you start a league game, just make sure you have “SHL” in the title. It will deter non league players, and let other Stimhack league players you are looking for a game.

There will be no minimum or maximum number of games you can play. Play anytime, as much as you like. The winner will report the game, and loser will have 36 hours to “reject” the game if there is a discrepancy.

It’s also nice if you are the loser to go ahead and “verify” the loss, this will speed along the scoring of the game.

You are not required to play a full match, playing only one side is ok. Although to keep in the spirit of Netrunner please mix up who you play and which side you play as much as possible.

Play any legal decks you like. For simplicity sake, if the cards are “rezzed” on OCTGN, then they are available for league play.

If you do an SHL game request, you have to accept all who want to play and are in the league. You do not have to play two games. If you want to play certain players, make a private game.

We use an ELO system, and there will be no playoff for this league. The leaderboard is the one true god.

If you have any troubles in-game, take screenshots of the full incident so we can see what happened (be as informative as possible) and post in this thread. We hope we can avoid trouble, but will deal with it if needed. I will handle any issues brought up. -bahram

About Disconnects in particular…

Take screenshots of how long the game was in. If you clearly had a winning spot, we can make the case for the win… but usually we hope to just null the game. One game is one game, but getting a loss in anything that was arguably close… that’s a rough feel.

But explain the game state, take screenshots for sure, and most importantly get a picture of the log, to confirm if it was a D/C or if your opponent just left.

We know the trouble with ELO and the current Challengeboard site. I need to look into a different possible system, but I will do that between this little thing, and SHL7.

Prize: This is a one week thing. No badge. Try your best in SHL7 if you want a badge like our previous winners. But! it’s cool. The winner is gonna get some Team Covenant Holiday Credit Tokens, or a Data Pack mailed to them. Winner’s Choice. And yes, just the winner. Try your best.

I think that about does it. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns here at the forums


Let’s see how many games I can lose in just a week! :wink:

Thats… the… spirit? XD

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Would it be possible to start 12/11 instead? The best time for me to play is the weekend, and it seems silly to start on a Monday and not maximize the amount of weekend-days available.

It extends into the next weekend so you still get a weekend, I wont be around at all this weekend to resolve any issues, and I like the 1 week thing (cuz thats how it works out, with the 1 extra because of the start/end times that basically eat a day out of it.) more than random 10 days. And besides, it gives you a weekend for a final push, rather than a strong start. And this gives a little more notice… Im gonna be trying to promote this on Reddit to get more users exposed.

In short. No, date was chosen for a reason. Sorry friend. Its starting on a Mon, and ending on the following Tuesday. Im sure you can find some time :3

The amount of parking should go from Costco to “local greasy spoon that is too successful for its own good”

what in the actual what the fuck? XD i see words, and i recognize them… but…

Parking is the act of getting to the top and not playing and staying at the top.


Unlike other SHL’s, I dunno how ELO is any good for this. We already stretch it in the others leagues since ELO requires a lot of games played and the number of games played between participants is crazy different. If we’re shortening this to a 1-week league, ELO just loses any and all value.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about any other kinds of league ranking systems (except those that assume everyone plays an equal amount against everyone else), so I can’t suggest an alternative. It’s just that a 1-week league’s numbers will reward those that win on small samples sizes than those that have great win percentages over large sample sizes.

I’m also a bit salty that I can’t afford to participate until the league is at least half done, so at this point all I can think of as a reason to join the league is the almost certain guarantee of playing against decks that other participants think are at least relatively competitive.

I’d like to suggest a league format in which both participants must use a random deck generator to create their decks (making sure that the runner decks at least have a full breaker suite). It’s just a bit of a janky thing that might promote some fun for a short non-competitive league. If there’s anywhere it could work, I think it’d be Stimhack since the passion here for Netrunner is pretty damn high.

@ the elo thing - 100% agree. its really just an easy leaderboard for a fun little side thing. theres other tools but nothing nearly as easy as challenge boards.

ill look into a better solution if i decide to do a 2nd short thing like this.

joining at the half way point gives you a lil edge to climb elo faster. but really its meant to be a lil fun thing for people who dont like jinteki.net UI… with a lil token prize for the holiday season. i know i been feeling off on playing online, without shl giving me incentive to play… i just figured i was not the only one.

but leagues usually draw a chance to practice your better decks. a jankier league is an option, and i got ideas to support that… but i gotta flesh those out more first.

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Bump for visibility.

Get a lil OCTGN fix if you are hungry for it guys. I cant be the only one to prefer the classic interface :wink:

I prefer 100% implementation and reversibility!

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Im up for games right now.

Also, with only 9 people signed up so far, will this one be a top 4? Or 2?

its just the standings, no playoff cuz of the short time frame.

this also had a hidden agenda to gauge something i needed an interest check on. im learning a lot. :1234:

i’ll be around to mash a ton of SHL games on Weds and Thurs.

so if you wanna come at ya boy (holy hell im joking i do not think im that hot shit xD) ill see you guys then XD.

ill be on for a couple games other days too. but weds and thurs. in the evening (EST).

Will you be playing tonight? Looking for some league games.

Still want to play games, anybody open tonight?

Sure, I’ll show up.

I’ll try to be on at various times Saturday. I was on a lot this week and never got a game rolling sadly. :frowning:

Waiting for a game at the moment. :smile:

Looking for a game, as always.