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OFFICIAL PSI games discussion thread

Use this thread to discuss games, or the tournament in general.

Is the announcement of the start of the tourney be made here or another thread?

i.e. do I lurk here or not?

All tourney relevant info will be in the other thread (event thread).

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@Nobo715 where are you?

We can join games to watch right? Is there a stream?

the stream is at twitch.tv/stimhacked

you cannot join a game in progress.

next round starts?

Hop over to twitch.tv/mediohxcore stream until dien gets back, no overlay

WE ARE BACK ON at http://www.twitch.tv/stimhacked

Round 2 starts now.

So that’s it, I’m out. Allowed to watch some games now?:wink:

Of course! :smile:

When are the semifinals scheduled for?

So the winners of this losers round 5 all get the wooden ID card. Cool!

Is there a pic of the prizes? Pics of both the ANRPC Wood Jinteki: Replicating Perfection ID card and the ANRPC Acrylic Near-Earth Hub ID card would be great! Also, what prizes were those in the ANRPC tournaments? Winners only or participation…?

Also is there going to be a stat dump? Would be interested to see how the breakup of the meta!


90% Kate and 90% NEH :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of Haarp as well.

Quite a few of those, yes. But I also played vs Leela, Quetzal and Noise (and dodged one Whizzard with the coinflip). I also played Val myself, so there’s at least 5 non-Kate players, which is more than 10% of the participants. :stuck_out_tongue:

As runner saw NEH, NEH and EtF. So I guess that 90% NEH can be accurate. :smiley:

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