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Official Rules Question Thread


It’s funny that this all turned into a conversation about the corp, when the original question was a specific nuance of Apocalypse / Hunter Seeker, now that Assimilator exists to flip those cards back face up. The person (over on FB) was asking if the runner had to divulge which facedown card was a particular card (like Magnum opus) that had been turned facedown. I say they don’t have to divulge, as long as they didn’t obscure which card was which by moving them around.

But the Corp game has not, traditionally, involved caring about the position of cards in the runner rig, so this is a new memory space to pay attention to.

Thanks for the great discussion, everyone!


New question / note:

Did anyone else notice that the text on NBN Making News is different in the new core set than it used to be?

Old wording: Use these credits during trace attempts.
New wording: Use these credits during traces.

I presume this is just a clarity thing rather than something that affects the rules and play, but I’m curious.


As it used to be, it’s the other player’s job to remember where each card was. The only change is that you can now use markers to help you remember. The other player can’t deliberately obscure the position of known cards (eg by installing a new card in the same server as a previously-accessed card and shuffling them so the runner doesn’t know which one the new install is), but is not obliged to remind you which card you’ve already seen and what it was.


I think the answer is:
A player can mark any card with a token or other indicator as a reminder of whatever derived information
A player cannot misrepresent any derived information

So tokens are allowed to mark stuff. Neither player can lie about…well, pretty much anything I guess, since through some mental gymnastics almost anything can be derived information.


No, I haven’t. Thanks for pointing it out, just got Core 2.0 for Christmas, but haven’t reviewed the cards very carefully since I’ve had earlier forms for years, but I’m glad people have been pointing out interesting differences. I think you are correct to why they changed it.


Can Asa use it’s ability if the first install is during a terminal operation?

The first time you install a card each turn, you may install an additional non-agenda card from HQ in or protecting that server (paying all costs).

and for example, Psychokinesis:
After you resolve this operation, end your action phase.

Look at the top 5 cards of R&D. If any of those cards are agendas, assets, or upgrades, you may install 1 of those cards in a remote server.


I don’t see why not. I am not aware of any ruling that prevents one from installing outside of the action phase.

One cannot score an agenda after playing a terminal operation (e.g. use Psychokinesis to install one or more Calibration Testing).


Half-like your post. I’m strictly against taking notes (like some would be in Poker, I guess). Also, I’m not sure you can take notes in Chess ? (edit - apparently you can’t)


Asa is usable in this situation, and in fact this would not be outside of the action phase. The game is still in the action phase until the operation completely resolves and is trashed. Asa triggers as a chain reaction during the resolution of the operation.


From a parallel universe where rotation did not occurred, how Stinson worked with Private Contracts ?
(PC is a Transaction and Quorum where Stinson came from was legal pre rotation)


Stinson specifies a transaction operation, so it doesn’t


Thanks !


Tricky question here:
Jarogniew Mercs say they cannot be trashed by the corp while there is another resource installed, Can the corp trash them by using a Corporate Town (trash effect from C. Town cannot be prevented)?
I would say no, because Jarogniew Mercs does not say in any moment that his trash is prevented… BUT, then i found this in the UFAQ of NetrunnerDB:

If the Corp plays The All-Seeing I while Jarogniew Mercs and another resource are installed, what happens?

The All-Seeing I attempts to trash all resources at the same time. Since there is another resource installed, Jarogniew Merc’s ability prevents it from being trashed.

What do you think? Maybe the UFAQ uses the word prevent in a bad way…


My guess: I think you are right. The “prevent” in the UFAQ is not an explicit “prevent” rule but rather the practical outcome of the implemtation of the game rules.


Agreed. the Mercs don’t “prevent” their trash, they CANNOT be trashed. Different key word.


Grrrr I thought I caught that in editing. Will fix.


This, I guess, is why even after all the @jakodrako good work, the U still stand in the UFAQ :slight_smile:


That’s funny…this is the first time I’m realizing that the UFAQ is Unofficial…I’ve always considered it official. I’m sure there are fewer issues in the UFAQ than in the printed cards. We really appreciate your diligence @jakodrako!!


This is probably already answered here, but it seems I’m not clever enough to use the search properly: Does Aumakua gain a virus counter after a successful run on an empty Archives?


Yes, and it also gains virus tokens from runs on empty remote servers (that have ICE on them so they still exist).

The wording “Access Cards” on Aumakua refers to the Access step of a run, which happens whether or not there are cards present to access.

I believe it also works if you use Eater to break, since that still allows the access phase to be reached. I would assume that SYNC BRE behaves similar to Eater, but I have been in arguments about that.