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Official Rules Question Thread


Yes, its not “trash to gain“ (=cost), its “and trash“.


I know this is going to be utterly irrelevant in practice but I am curious:
How does RNG Key interact with Breaker Bay Grid or other permanent rez cost modifiers like Braintrust? For example, assume there is a BBG installed on R&D, would I have to guess 5 lower than the normal rez cost of cards?


I believe so. Guess -5 0 and access the Breaker Bay Grid first :slight_smile:


In general, I would say yes if it applies to the card being accessed.

Since RNG Key only triggers off of successful runs on HQ/R&D, then BBG doesn’t apply because it says “in the server”, not the root that all upgrades on centrals are installed in.

But, I’m pretty sure over-advanced Braintrusts and Xanadu would modify the cost if an ice is accessed.


I think BBG would apply to cards that are actually in HQ/R&D, though. Including Ice. The catch is that there’s really no reason for the Corp to install BBG on HQ/R&D.

Also if they did, guess 0 and access BBG first is likely a better plan. Unless Hudson 1.0 fired on the way in.


That’s a good point.


That is what I expected, thank you all.



I have a questions about the interaction between Kabonesa Wu and Uninstall

If you use Kabonesa Wu to find and install a program, then use Uninstall to send it back to your grip, then install it again from your grip in the same turn, would the program be removed from the game at the end of the turn or not?

I know it is the same item, but it is not “still” installed at the end of the turn as it became uninstalled for a period in between.

Thank you


No. From the FAQ 4.1

Card Memory
Whenever a card is uninstalled, there is no memory of its
previous state and it is considered to be a new copy of the card.

Any time an installed card enters HQ, R&D, Archives; the
Runner’s grip, stack, or heap; either players score area; or is
removed from the game, the card has been “uninstalled.”


Can’t. You can’t reveal installed cards.


I’m like 99% sure of this interaction, but it has come up twice this week and I haven’t found a crisp explanation of it yet.

The runner has datasucker and sneakdoor beta installed.

Sneakdoor Beta
(click): Make a run on Archives. If successful, instead treat it as a successful run on HQ.

They use sneakdoor beta to make a run on open archives. “If successful” trigger is met for both datasucker and sneakdoor.

I have always assumed that the “successful run on archives” is completely replaced by the “successful run on hq.” However, it seems like the same event triggers both of them (which would imply you get a datasucker counter for the successful archives run and its replacement, the successful HQ run).

Similar situations come up with Security Testing:

The first time you make a successful run on that server this turn, instead of accessing cards, gain 2.

If you target archives and sneakdoor, does sec testing prevent you from accessing cards in HQ? Does it count as “the first successful run” on archives that turn?

And a similar issue will come up with the newly-spoiled Crypt and Omar (and probably a bunch of other cases I’m not thinking of).


Good point. But is the reveal necessary, or does the ability continue on if the reveal fails, like Aeneas Informant does?


Well the Aeneas informant wording is “x and y” so you do as much as you can. RNG key says “if it has…” [Sorry, I ran out of MU] and since it doesn’t you don’t. :wink:


I’m unconvinced. The “if you do” is plainly “if you name a number,” and you can certainly name a number regardless of whether the next card you’re going to access can be revealed.


I would think the key word is “instead” from “If successful, instead treat it as a successful run on HQ” - there was a successful run on Archives and therefore Sneakdoor has triggered, causing that successful run to instead be treated as a successful run on HQ. There is still only one run, which was successful and on a central server, so Datasucker gets one counter.

But I’ve been wrong before… :wink:


Sorry, I meant the second “if” (was doing it from memory). I fixed it in my above post.

“The first time you make a successful run on HQ or R&D each turn, you may name a number. If you do, reveal the next card that you access this run. If it has a rez cost, play cost, or advancement requirement equal to the named number, either gain 3 or draw 2 cards.”

It is the revealed card, and since you can’t reveal it…

Down The White Nile Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)

Why is “it” not “the next card that you access this run” ?


Ask @jakodrako. I’m just the messenger.


Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter. The fact that you can’t reveal an installed card means that you can’t gain money from it. Because the first IF can’t be satisfied the second IF which requires the first to be true, does not happen.


Bummer this wasn’t caught with UFAQ. I think most people have misinterpreted how RNG Key works, probably didn’t even think to ask.