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Official Rules Question Thread


still worthwhile to know, thanks!


It doesn’t seem unclear to me, it is grammatically irrefutable that the second part of the effect is not conditional on the reveal, but on the access, so, as written, installed upgrades should trigger it. However, it’s pretty obvious that the INTENT was for it to work on cards IN hq/rnd, not “in the root” of it (I really hate that distinction), so that there would be an element of, well, RNG, so the ruling is probably how Boggs intended for it to work. I’m sure they’ll fix it via official errata at some point, pretty simple to add an “if you did so” and thereby make the reveal a condition for the effect. Let’s just call it what it is, a minor error in wording, which Boggs has been pretty assiduous in correcting through errata so far, and move on. HOWEVER, let’s not pretend that as written it says something other than what it does, because such an interpretation could set a bad precedent for unintuitive and ungrammatical interpretations of future cards!


Can somebody just confirm exactly how it works in a single post for me, then? If I access an upgrade before R&D, do I still get to pick a number and reveal the top card of R&D, or do I have to access that first?


As far as I understand the (unofficial) ruling it should work as follows for the time being:

  1. You choose a number when the run is successful (Step 4.4)

  2. You then access the first card:

  • If you access an upgrade, you cannot reveal it and do not gain any benefit from RNG Key, no matter what number you guessed.
  • If you access a card from R&D first, RNG Key reveals it and immediately gives you money/cards if you guessed correctly.
  1. You then access the remaining cards you have to access without any effect from RNG Key.

Note that this might change with official errata etc.


Double post, but this time I have a question:
If I use Takobi to increase the strength of an icebreaker with System Seizure in play, does it retain its strength until the end of the run even though Takobi explicitly states a duration? I assume so (“cannot”/“does not” wins over “can”/“does”), but I want to make sure.


I’d say it does because increasing the strength of most Icebreakers also explicitly states a duration (in the rules) of the current encounter. Is there something I’m missing?


Also have a question: Azmari Edtech names “event”. First click of the runner’s turn, they play Employee Strike. Does Azmari get the 2 credits? I assume yes, because Azmari isn’t a constant ability, it’s something that triggers end of their turn, and e-strike blanking it simply stops the next end-of-turn trigger. It cannot affect the previous one.


At the moment the strike is played, the id iss still active. Than the event resolves and blanks the id.
Same sad thing why u cant rfg an employee strike with scirpios after scoring/payibg a current for ur own.


A timing question involving Jua’s encounter ability:

When the Runner encounters Jua, he or she cannot install cards for the remainder of the turn.

From my interpretation, the runner can still install MK Ultra during the approach step of Jua. The on encounter ability only really affects installing cards after Jua.

Is this how it works?


I’d like to share the RNG Key/installed upgrades thing with my local Netrunner group. Since it didn’t make the UFAQ, where do I point to for it? All the posts here are second-hand, and although I am 100% sure they do represent the official interpretation, having only second-hand posts does leave room for argument, especially since so many people find this particular interaction unintuitive.

@jakodrako, could you maybe post how RNG Key doesn’t work with installed upgrades here so I can point to it? I’m sorry to bug you when you’ve already explained it repeatedly in Slack, but Slack is sadly not great as a publically-accessible reference.


I’ve actually had this same problem when referencing the interpretation—there’s nowhere to point to when you claim it doesn’t work on installed upgrades, and the card is not worded in such a way as to support your argument.


MKUltra’s install-from-heap ability is “on encounter” though, you can’t install it on approach unless you’re using some other mechanism (street peddler, SMC, clone chip etc).
The real question is , can the runner trigger his on-encounter effect first and install MKU, before Jua’s on-encounter effect happens? I would say yes, if it’s the runner’s turn.


Yes, this is correct. The usual “both effects meet their trigger conditions at the same time so the player whose turn it is goes first” bit.


Complete with the usual “note that it works differently on an Offer You Can’t Refuse run”!


This really is a big issue for the game when interactions are so nuanced already it’s important that all players are on the same page.

Jako’s UFAQ on ANCUR were really good, especially when they pointed to twitter rulings. Right now though most of the rulings seem to be coming through Slack which is not good for referencing at a tournament. As such interactions often just come down to how the players understand them to work, and if the event is high level enough, however the judge may rule depending on their familiarity.


The UFAQs on NRDB are also very nice, I think they’re a good move.

In an ideal world, of course, the official FFG card database would handle rulings nicely. But it’s completely useless for rules stuff. It doesn’t even list errata, despite being the source judges are supposed to use if they provide card text during a tournament.

But yeah, Slack is not a good place for rulings. They disappear after 10,000 messages, and viewing older posts is hard even before they disappear, and of course there are people who don’t want to join Slack who still need to be able to see rulings. It’s fine that rules discussions on Slack lead to rulings, of course, but if they’re rulings that are likely to be needed outside of the specific discussion in which they occur, they really need to be copied or repeated somewhere else.


I did find a ruling from February 8th on Project ANCUR’s Twitter, that I missed (although I check it every day) when this discussion was happening last week:

This is probably the best way to reference the ruling.


I’m actually not sure if System Seizure wins. Card effects can overrule the rules in the Rules Reference because of the Golden Rules, but these are two cards that are saying different things about the effect. Not sure if it’s something like the spirit of the “cannot” rule or if it can be thought of as the runner’s choice since they control the effect and maybe sequencing can play a role. So, I sent it to Project ANCUR:


That will do. Thank you!


I didn’t even realize this is a thing! We’re pretty spoiled with all the great work being done on NRDB.