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Official Rules Question Thread


It’s over here! It was originally a fan project, and then they bought it and declared it to be the official database.

I really do feel that it falls short of what is needed in an official database. But I want to be clear that I don’t mean that as a criticism of its creator. I’m very much inclined to assume the major problems are more to do with FFG’s management of it than anything else.

I will happily admit that its deckbuilding interface provides something very different from the other available deckbuilders. I personally am not a fan, but I know there are people who are, so I’m glad it exists for them.


For anyone who didn’t see it: the RNG Key ruling is in the Council of the Crest UFAQ, as an update, and is thus now available on the NRDB page for RNG Key. Huzzah!


Sorry for the lack of post, the UFAQ was in editing, so I was leaving the answer until then.

Would it be useful if I tweet about high impact rules questions I get asked?


Twitter wouldn’t be my top choice of location, because it’s a bit of a nuisance to search. But it would be a big improvement over the current situation, so if that’s the public space that it’s easiest for you to repeat rulings in, then I’m all for it.


If there was a better place to do it I would. If anyone has a suggestion, I’d be all ears.


Got response from ANCUR, which confirmed @Sabin76’s thoughts:


A page on ANCUR would be great. Or maybe a thread here, especially if there’s some way to stop other people from posting in it, though I’m not sure there is.

But if Twitter is easiest for you to post to, then I’m in favour of it, because although searchability is important, not requiring too much more work from you is also important.


Just a heads up, this was reversed in the UFAQ: E-strike > Azmari


I now can rfg estrike with scorp whrn ut gets trashed by scoring or playing a current on my own?


No, see the UFAQ ruling on Skorpios:

If Employee Strike is active when either an agenda is scored or another current is played, can Skorpios Defense Systems remove it from the game?

No. Employee Strike is active until it is trashed, so Skorpios doesn’t have its ability in time to see the trigger condition being met.


Looks like it’s now available in the RNG Key UFAQ section too, since they’ve updated the UFAQ for Council of the Crest.


The ruling to this question has actually just been added to the RNG Key UFAQ section:

If a Runner with RNG Key runs on an R&D with Breaker Bay Grid rezzed in its root, what number does the Runner need to name in order to gain credits from accessing a Vanilla?

The Runner must name -5.


I still think that’s flipping weird. I’ve never seen a number lower than 0 in this game. You don’t pay -1 to rez an Adonis in a BBG server.


It is a bit odd. We have had negative ice strength for a while with an Atman ruling.


Even longer than that due to Parasite and Cell Portal existing in Core 1.0.


Not sure what you mean? What’s the interaction between those? Do you mean because Cell Portal derezzed itself it could get to negative strength with a Parasite?




I think the closest previous ruling is this:

Practically, the rez cost can be negative, but you just always pay zero (i.e doesn’t translate into a credit gain). This is probably a good addition to the FAQ in the next revision, just like negative strength ice/icebreakers and negative agenda points affecting Iain and Brain Chip are already documented.


So costs can be reduced to below 0, but do not result in credit gain. Gotcha.


I have another Azmari question:
Azmari names “resource”. Runner plays Career Fair to install a Liberated. Does Azmari pay out?
Conversely, Azmari names “event”. Runner uses a Same Old Thing to play an event. Does it pay out?
Does only the basic action “install or play” pay out for the named card type, or does any card effect that causes the card type to be played/installed also meet the Azmari trigger?