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Official Rules Question Thread


I haven’t seen any actual ruling on this (official or otherwise), but from the discussion I’ve seen, the consensus seems to be that you get no Turning Wheel counters after a D&C run, because there has been no run on either HQ or R&D, just accesses as dictated by the text on D&C.

How D&C interacts with Aumakua is less clear, but if the accesses from HQ and R&D are considered separate from the access on Archives, then it seems possible that D&C could yield 3 Aumakua counters for a single run.


Thanks @3N1GM4 :slight_smile: What about spent counters during the D&C run - do I get to access additional cards from both HQ and R&D, only HQ or no additional cards at all?


I would expect spent TTW counters to give you extra accesses on both HQ and R&D based on how the cards are written, but I’m certainly not 100% sure on that either.


@ANCUR confirmed that is the case (extra accesses on both HQ & RnD) on Twitter.


How does Thimblerig interact with stuff like Mumbad City Grid and Code Replicator?