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Official Rules Question Thread


Do regions still work?

Earlier discussion in this thread concluded that the reason you could only have one region in a server even if no card with the text “Limit one region per server” was active was that the rulebook said so.

I just went to look this up because regions came up in a Reddit discussion, and it looks like none of the current rules documents (LtP, RRG, FAQ) have the word “region” anywhere (except on a card shown in an example).

Given this, is it now legal to have multiple regions in a server, so long as no regions are rezzed? If not, why not?


Answering my own question, or rather sharing lostgeek’s answer from the Slack:

From the rules reference (section Inactive):

Effects that modify how or when a card can be played or installed affect that card and the game even while the card would normally be inactive.


Can you trash 0 cards with Emergent Creativity? I know that in most cases, you can use 0 as a number, and it says trash any number or programs and/or hardware (as per the updated errata). Can this thing just be used as kind of a slow SMC?


I would agree that you can trash 0 cards and then search your stack and install something with 0 discount. 0 is a number.

I would disagree about it being a slow SMC :wink:




Wanted to raise this because I know there’s an outstanding (informal) Boggs ruling but it just seems wrong: can you bypass on-encounter effects with a Logic Bomb? Near as I can tell, the fact that it’s a paid ability should mean you can’t use it until step 3.1, while Femme Fatale triggers in step 3 allowing the bypass. But our resident Adam fanatic claims Boggs told him the opposite at Worlds. Jacob?


Boggs giving out that ruling seems implausible to me.

Logic Bomb definitely cannot skip “when encountered” abilities. As you note, the earliest it can be used is after those abilities would resolve.


Just reporting what I was told. I think it’s plausible Boggs misunderstood the question, but I’m glad I’m not going mad.


Just want to confirm my thoughts about reducing the cost of 0-cost events/installs with Patchwork. I’d rule that it’s legal because other cards can reduce cost to below zero (i.e. BBG/RNG ruling). So, a negative cost is a valid game state change. Anything I’m missing?


Yup, you got it!


Thanks, I appreciate the confirmation.


This question on stackexchange is somewhat theoretical, but interesting enough that I thought I should post it here:

Essentially, in the absence of tournament structure, where round time and seeding resolve the issue, what happens if you reach a position from which nobody can win (if both players play optimally)? Is this an ‘infinite loop’, which the corp must choose to end, and therefore lose? In that case, should the corp lose even in a tournament, i.e. they shouldn’t be allowed to keep cycling their cards until time is called?


I’d call it a draw and move on.


Good answer. Might be something for Nisei to have a look at and clarify. I think the rules shouldn’t have holes, even ones that are typically unimportant.


The inifinite loop rules are on our list of things to investigate :slight_smile:


Runner has Hippo installed and zero hand size. On encountering a lonely Komainu, Komainu gets no subs. Insta-trash with Hippo?




Here it is in the Comprehensive Rules 1.1 (pp. 82-82):

“a. If a condition refers to “all” items in a set and that set contains zero items, the
condition is automatically satisfied as soon as it would be satisfied for one or more
of that item.
Example: The Runner plays Forked, initiating a run on a server. The first piece of ice that the Runner encounters is Troll. If Troll’s “when encountered” ability does not end the run, the Runner is automatically considered to have broken all of the zero subroutines on Troll as soon as step 6.9.3c of the encounter begins, and Troll is trashed with Forked.”


I thought I asked about this here before but I can’t seem to find it:

How does Seidr Laboratories interact with R&D multiaccess when the runner loses a click in between accesses?

Example situation:

Runner is accessing 5 cards off of R&D due to some combination of Maker’s Eye, Turning Wheel, R&D Interface.

Let’s say the order of R&D is, from the top down:

Ikawah Project
Data Raven
Eli 1.0

Access 1, the top card of R&D: Aiki, leave it on top.
Access 2, the second card off of R&D, Brainstorm, leave it on top.
Access 3, the third card of R&D, Ikawah Project, the runner steals it, triggering Seidr. The runner elects to put NGO Front on top of R&D.

What do you do with access 4? Do you access the Data Raven (the next card after Ikawah Project)? Do you access the NGO Front?

What happens with access 5?


Disclaimer: cards chosen for the example were chosen on the basis of what letter they started with so the example might be easier to follow. I take no responsibility for any deck you make with those suggestions, unless it makes DotW in which case I want partial credit.


I believe the correct order here is first NGO front, then Data Raven. You access whatever the top-most unaccessed card is, and cards being shuffled makes them be considered to be no longer accessed.