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Official Rules Question Thread


That’s my understanding as well. Example in rule 2 7.2.1. is the closest I could find but not an exact explanation:

Example: The Runner makes a run on R&D using The Maker’s Eye. The second card
that the Runner accesses is Bacterial Programming. They steal it, allowing the Corp to
rearrange, draw, and trash the top 7 cards of R&D (including the first card that the
Runner accessed). Once the Corp has finished this process, the Runner then accesses
their final card, starting with the topmost card of R&D.

The Rules Team (@jakodrako) should probably cover the skip previously accessed part in this section of the rules in the next revision.

  1. If the corp has a rezzed Sundew and the runner spends their first click to install a PAD Tap, does that PAD Tap trigger? I think the answer is yes, because in 8.3. Steps of Installing a Card it says

8.3.6. If the card is to be the first card in or protecting a new remote server, that server is
created. Move the card to the chosen install location. It becomes installed. If the card is
faceup, it becomes active.
8.3.7. Abilities with “When installed…” trigger conditions become pending, including those on
the installed card.

but I’m not sure because Sundew’s trigger condition isn’t a “When installed…” trigger condition. Do all relevant trigger conditions also happen at 8.3.7 (Dadiana Chacon is another example) and 8.3.7 should be reworded, or are “When installed…” abilities actually different and special?

  1. meta-question: is this still the best place to ask rules questions? Or would I be better off asking them elsewhere?

edit: got an answer on twitter https://twitter.com/Crunchumz/status/1083561850476920832

  1. I think you’re correct, but I would like an explanation as well.
  2. I think this is still a great place to ask the community. Although you might get fast (if not less knowledge response by creating a Reddit or Dorks post). Now that Jacob is the rules czar, sending a question to https://twitter.com/NISEI_Rules would get you an official response (and it’s much quicker than when ANCUR had to coordinate with FFG).