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Official Rules Question Thread

Lukas got asked about this stuff on twitter and his answer was not completely clear.

If you install without trashing anything, the runner does not encounter the freshly installed ice (there is a FAQ entry for this). If you install and trash only Crick then the runner still does not encounter the freshly installed ice.

If you install and do trash Crick then sometimes the runner will have to encounter the freshly installed ice, but we do not have an explanation of how exactly it works. The way I have been playing it is that if Crick is trashed then the runner approaches the freshly installed ice (as opposed to the ice after Crick) if it is closer to the server than Crick was (i.e. if you need to trash Crick and at least one pice of ice behind Crick to force the runner to encounter the new piece of ice).


Yeah, this is some of the more confusing wording in the rules (which is saying a lot!) especially given that cell portal is in the core set.

the best way to play this is to rely on the intuitive answer: in general, you never have to move backwards in a server unless a card specifically tells you to, and if that happens, you don’t then get to skip any of the inner ICE; you have to encounter them all in order again.

crick basically never allows you to add a piece of ice, but (based on our current vague understanding of the intentions of these rules) they can allow you to change out an ICE behind the installing ICE’s position by trashing all outer ICE including the crick. Architect cannot do this as you cannot trash it as part of it’s install


Can you Planned Assault for Early Bird?

No. That would be playing Early Bird with a card ability and not with your first click.

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They really should have added a “Cannot be trashed while installed” ability to Crick to stop all these damn rules headaches. Maybe something like “Crick cannot be trashed while installing a piece of ice during a run” I don’t know why the hell they did it with architect but not with Crick, which has the same sort of weird timing interacitons.

One piece of untrashable massively annoying ice is enough. Agree that the rules headaches aren’t worth the effect though; a blanket rule that ice can’t be installed protecting a server during a run on that server would be fine with me.

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Especially since they called out the “cannot be trashed” text as a way of avoiding weird timing. They could’ve just made Crick install non-ICE instead, if they didn’t want more indestructible ICE to deal with.

To be fair, this is a different effect that could change the game in other ways.

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But Howler needs to work correctly.

They should just errata the ICE order rules to be the normal way that everyone intuitively does it anyway.

Crick and Archriect should have simply had the clause “The Corp cannot uninstall Crick/Architect.”

It’d kind of be thematic for Architect and would have done away with both this rule complication and Archtiect’s overpowered invincibility.

Nope; Wormhole

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Then add “cannot be uninstalled by the corp during this encounter” text to the sub for the most awkwardly worded subroutine of all time.

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Just noticed an amusing result of the Oaktown Renovation ruling (It’s neither rezzed nor unrezzed).

Therefore, if you install over Oaktown Renovation, it technically has nowhere to go :stuck_out_tongue:


It has somewhere to go, it just has to go in Archives neither faceup nor facedown. So good luck with that lol


On its edge, duh. Marvel of Weyland engineering.


So I’m trying to work out how Shipment from SanSan is anti-clot tech. Is it because you can install, sansan, astro, and the moment you play the sansan, there is no longer a window for clone chips to bring it out again? so you can score before the guy realises it’s an agenda?

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Corp has priority during his turn in the action-windows so if you have two advancements on a agenda and either the option to rez SanSan or use a Astrotoken theagenda will be scored before the runner can play any actions (fetch Clot).

Since there is no action-window between advancements when using Shipment from SanSan the runner then needs to install Clot before your second click.

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So, how about this. I install an agenda on a SanSan. Advance it once, runner has two clone chips and use one to get Clot. I advance a second time and then use my CVS to purge. Is there a window to use clone chip again or can I score it after CVS?

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You can score it.

Priority is not passed after a action is done.
The same reason is why you can Clone Chip a Parasite on a Himitsu-Bako and kill it with Datasucker tokens without the corp beaing able to return it to hand.


Lol exactly. This is the sort of crap I’m wondering about at the moment.

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