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Official Rules Question Thread

You can play Diesel with 2 cards left in stack or even 1, but you cannot play Diesel with an empty stack.

Same thing here. If there are no cards on Street Peddler that can be installed, then you cannot activate its ability.


This is different though - there the Diesel affects nothing else, but in the case of Street Peddler the other two or three cards end up in the heap, whether or not one gets installed.

I guess the appropriate Lukas quote is regarding partially resolvable effects:

"If the effect changes the game state in any way, then you can use it. If it does not change the game state in any way (other than the card itself, obviously, being trashed) then it cannot be played. You could think of it as “Would a prevent/avoid effect do anything against this ability?” If the answer is yes, then you can do it. If the answer is no, then you cannot. "

Still not concrete either way but I think Street Peddler can be used as it will still alter the game state whether or not there are three events on it.

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"If the effect changes the game state in any way, then you can use it.

In this case, the effect doesn’t change the game state because no cards are installed. The unused cards going to your Heap is a result of trashing Street Peddler. That’s not the effect in question, but rather the cost to the effect.

It’s like not being able to use cards that have “[Trash]: Prevent x”. Sure, the card is moved to your heap, that’s definitely a change in game state… but nothing can be prevented with the effect “prevent X”, so it cannot be used.

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Well, I’d say that Lukas’ supposed clarification of “does a prevent/avoid effect do anything?” is the wooly part of this. :stuck_out_tongue:

This does make more sense than Lukas though. I see your point!

Even this is wrong though. Maybe I want to ditch the Diesel to reduce the amount of money the corp is going to get through a Sweeps week.

or increase the chances of the incoming Traffic Accident to hit your I’ve Had Worse?

All speculation aside (there really is no ambiguity, like Pax said the effect is what matters, and without a card to install “install a card hosted on Street Peddler” has absolutely no effect, therefore it is untriggerable), we also have an answer from Lukas directly to this question.


Just play aesops…


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Quick run timing window question, if I’m running on a server which has an un rezzed ice. I have a self modifying code and a lot of credits.

He rezzes a roto turret, I encounter the ice, trigger my self modifying code to make a strength 0 atman (my parasite is off eating something else)

Can he then rez his corporate trouble shooter, and declare he’s increasing the strength of the roto turret by 1? Is there a timing window for him to use a paid ability before I can break the ice?

Would it change if he had rezzed the corporate trouble shooter at the same time as the ice?

Thanks in advance!

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Not if you did the SMC->Atman during the encounter, because you break subroutines before the corp gets priority back.

No-ish. Corp could buff the Roto on approach and force you to commit an Atman at an awkward strength, but if you don’t make the error of committing the Atman during approach there is no window where the corp can adjust the ICE before you have a chance to break it.

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In short:if you SMC on encounter, they can’t Troubleshooter, if you SMC on approach, they can. Problem is, people don’t really know this distinction and it’s pretty easy to just say “SMC for X” without saying when.

This is one of the biggest problems with the timing structure in my mind. If you don’t know about this particular interaction you can get ‘got’. I can imagine a rules dispute with this in a real game in a situation such as the following:

  • “Rez ICE”

  • “SMC for X”

  • “rez and use Troubleshooter”

  • “but you used SMC in the first paid ability window after the rez, which is on approach!”

I’m not sure if there are any situations where using the Approach window to SMC is correct, either. Grail makes doing it on Encounter better, too. This is what makes the situation even more dodgy.


Parasite on something like Pop-up Window or Quicksand is the most common case. I’ve never seen someone SMC for Femme, but you’d need to fire SMC pre-encounter or else Femme won’t trigger.

Also, Nasir says hi :smile:


Oh right, yeah. Parasite and Femme. Though I should have been more clear, I meant SMCing for a breaker (that isn’t Femme that you’re planning to use to bypass) as someone that isn’t Nasir, at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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SMC for Femme is one of Professor’s more common tricks :smiley:

I’m glad that Jacob is hanging out in the Stimhack forums. One of the finest rules mind in the game. Basically, the only reason I still check the BGG forums (rules section).


Thanks for the clarification guys!

I keep having to migrate to a new main Netrunner haunt! :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t seen this so pardon if this is a repeat but does Markus Batty know what X means on NEXT Gold?

The text that defines X is not part of the subroutine but is it static X or dynamic? Do we have an official response?

Marcus Batty + NEXT Gold works. X is not “static”