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Official Stimhack OCTGN League PART V

Josh - Noa (Nobo) 2-2
Rotom - RTSA 0-4
Josh vs Rotom 0-4
Nobo vs Rtsa 2-2

Josh - RTSA 4-0
Nobo - Rotom 0-4

Standings (league standing tiebreakers)
Rotom 6-8
Josh 6-6
RTSA 6-6
Noa 6-4

So Rotom wins, after an epic come back!

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I should be 3rd in the final standings, Josh was above me in league.

Good games everyone! Thanks Argamas for organizing and bblum for streaming! :smile:

I don’t get the format, couldn’t understand who is winning :confused: Noa was 6 - 4, so isn’t that the best record? Rotom is 6 - 8 so, like, what?


It’s European, 6 is the number of games, 8 is the number of points.

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yeah thx ben

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Thanks for the games and the streaming, guys. Third time was a charm, apparently.


Ah, so that’s it. No wonder it’s confusing and doesn’t make sense. :wink:


Thanks, I needed that :cry:

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@Argamas, you can eat for free at my house anytime you want. I don’t even care how European you are. :smile:

You don’t even have to say anything or call ahead. Just walk in, grab some stuff, walk out. My girl will be all like “Hey, what the hell!?!”, but I’ll say “No, it’s cool baby; that’s was @Argamas”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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“He’s European, even Dutch”

She: Wow, really?


She: Is it true he’s good at card games?
Me: Yeah, he’s super-good. Significantly better than me.
She: …If only “going Dutch” wasn’t a thing…

No-one can resist that sexy alt-art black tree. :wink:

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Post coming later tonight about the start of the new league.

cough 9/17 cough



Ohhh I hope you announce when the league will start!

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the next round is up. click here, you can find it. i believe in you.