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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread

Shaper has more than 1 ID?

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Doing an informal GNK stream this afternoon, testing out my new mobile streaming setup. Come watch use punch each other to get an alt art Femme.

We’re streaming a GNK Tournament from Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio. Testing out the equipment. Should start around 7:00 pm central.

Stream going up


going live for first time in 5 months

playing some Fisk stuff and my Whizz when I get tired of losing Runner side, and trying some NBN jank Corp side

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Link to stream here.

I will make decks that use these garbage cards.

Streaming tonight.

6pm eastern.

I hate this forum. I can’t help myself, and yet you guys just enable me more and more.

See you there.

Got that medium+doppelganger+record reconstructor deck goin?

Not quite…

Gonna be streaming in about an hour, at 10am CST.

Here we go: http://www.twitch.tv/shoeundergum

Runner. probably some crap
Corp: something good

Live stream from PAX. There is going to be commentary in a bit.

Some connection issues stream is back up.

Tune in to see @grogboxer commentate on some exciting prelim games from Pax as @BazooKaJoe shows off the 3 camera angles.

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Stream going up, testing new FOOD glacier decks with bblum & Calimsha.

I hope so see some 8 agenda HB with real ice and caprice, not next and batty.

I don’t think Dan is gonna play NEXT…

You got your wish but theres 9 agendas in it. the 8th agenda being worth 3 points seems worth avoiding since if they get it it’s worth 2 agendas and your 8th/9th agendas are NAPD anyway. Back on my 21 point game.

Haven’t really done the math but since one nonfood 5/3 is worth 2 agendas to the runner, 2 NAPD seems a lot better.


21 points is clearly correct here if you ask me.

Haven’t seen the video yet, but my first thoughts on a new HB agenda suite is 3 ABT 2 Vitruvius 2 NAPD 2 Food. 9 agendas, 20 Points.

I’m guessing you guys play 3 Food but I like the influence for other things as well.

I think NAPD is almost strictly better than Vitruvius in Glacier, but yeah, only 2 Food could be okay. It really depends how badly you want to score 3 agendas vs 4 and how badly you need the last inf. I ended up spending that last point on just a wraparound, and I could definitely see wanting 3rd Tollbooth. Here’s what we played:

Foodcoatshop (49 cards)

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

Agenda (9)
3 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Global Food Initiative
3 NAPD Contract

Asset (9)
3 Adonis Campaign
3 Eve Campaign
3 Jackson Howard

Upgrade (8)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
3 Breaker Bay Grid
1 Caprice Nisei
1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (5)
1 Archived Memories
1 Enhanced Login Protocol
3 Hedge Fund

Barrier (4)
3 Eli 1.0
1 Wraparound

Code Gate (6)
2 IQ
2 Tollbooth
2 Turing

Sentry (8)
3 Architect
3 Ichi 1.0
2 Ichi 2.0

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Is the massive number of Ichis (and sentries in general) at all a problem? I know Criminal isn’t a thing right now, but that many sentries makes me really nervous.