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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread


Some connection issues stream is back up.

Tune in to see @grogboxer commentate on some exciting prelim games from Pax as @BazooKaJoe shows off the 3 camera angles.


Stream going up, testing new FOOD glacier decks with bblum & Calimsha.


I hope so see some 8 agenda HB with real ice and caprice, not next and batty.


I don’t think Dan is gonna play NEXT…


You got your wish but theres 9 agendas in it. the 8th agenda being worth 3 points seems worth avoiding since if they get it it’s worth 2 agendas and your 8th/9th agendas are NAPD anyway. Back on my 21 point game.

Haven’t really done the math but since one nonfood 5/3 is worth 2 agendas to the runner, 2 NAPD seems a lot better.


21 points is clearly correct here if you ask me.


Haven’t seen the video yet, but my first thoughts on a new HB agenda suite is 3 ABT 2 Vitruvius 2 NAPD 2 Food. 9 agendas, 20 Points.

I’m guessing you guys play 3 Food but I like the influence for other things as well.


I think NAPD is almost strictly better than Vitruvius in Glacier, but yeah, only 2 Food could be okay. It really depends how badly you want to score 3 agendas vs 4 and how badly you need the last inf. I ended up spending that last point on just a wraparound, and I could definitely see wanting 3rd Tollbooth. Here’s what we played:

Foodcoatshop (49 cards)

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

Agenda (9)
3 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Global Food Initiative
3 NAPD Contract

Asset (9)
3 Adonis Campaign
3 Eve Campaign
3 Jackson Howard

Upgrade (8)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
3 Breaker Bay Grid
1 Caprice Nisei
1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (5)
1 Archived Memories
1 Enhanced Login Protocol
3 Hedge Fund

Barrier (4)
3 Eli 1.0
1 Wraparound

Code Gate (6)
2 IQ
2 Tollbooth
2 Turing

Sentry (8)
3 Architect
3 Ichi 1.0
2 Ichi 2.0


Is the massive number of Ichis (and sentries in general) at all a problem? I know Criminal isn’t a thing right now, but that many sentries makes me really nervous.


Yes because criminal is known for their hyper efficient ichi+architect killers

Edit: I know about faerie, I’m just giving shit.


I’ve heard that Switchblade exist.


Only Risties use switchblades. GEDDOUDDA HERE


Well I’m used to playing the rush-type HB, so my preference for Vitruvius is just that it’s much easier to score than Food. It also comes in handy against Noise. And it enables me to play Biotic still. I would include Food mostly for the times where you have the window to go IAA, not because I’d wanna score it 100% of games. Solid-looking list though.

How where the Ichi 2.0? Worth the 8 rez cost?


Is there testing around team sponsorship for that build? 1-2 could be pretty damn annoying.


With the number of sentries here, you could potentially stack them and maybe tax the stealth credits enough, at least at some points in the game. With the clickability of ichi and the opponent potentially having mimic as well for architect, it is probably still not all that great in practical terms though.


whoa what’s this ninja art from


I believe it’s the original art for Ninja that was changed very near to shipping date. If you go way back in FFG’s archives you can find it in intro posts about the re-release.


I think thats the ninja art if you are not from usa. dunno why. seen it before and its so much nicer.

shit card regardless XD

but its nicer art.


Watching this late. I had one big line of play I think you missed in HB Glacier vs. Noise.

When he has lamprey out, you adonis brings you up to 3. You install IQ on HQ going to 4, then take two credits. I think you missed a line of installing ash on the remote and taking a credit. This brings the rez cost of IQ down to 2 (yayyy) but more importantly, it basically guarantees your Adonis sticks. He runs HQ, you rez IQ going down to 3. Then he runs remote and you rez ash, going down to 1. He has 4 credits, so he can trash ash and go down to 1, but he can’t get up to 3 and run the adonis to kill it. So you’re adonis survives (and he’s broke) which puts you in a pretty good spot. I’m not super experienced in glacier, so I don’t know if you’re trying to save the Ash, but from HBFA that woulda been the clear play.

Anyway, watching this and noticed it.


Nice catch.