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Stealth Andy had a good day yesterday, it seems

[quote=“captain_frisk, post:1138, topic:533, full:true”]Andy was 7-2, with both losses to replicating perfection.
Isn’t stealth andy’s strong matchup RP?

Yours isn’t :slight_smile:

Yes, this was my understanding. clearly I need more practice, or I’m doing something wrong.

Location: Milwaukee, WI (USA)
Players: 14
Rounds: 4
Cut: Top 4, double elim
Date: 02/22/2015
Card pool: O&C
Winner: Aaron Andries

Another tough road event. I played all 3 other Top 4 opponents in Swiss. Top 4 cut was Spags #1 seed, myself in #2, Paranoid (aka Robot Joe) #3, and a newer player named David on some hot decks. Leela just would not be denied and I decided to player her instead of a Danny D. style Reg Ass MaxX variant mostly because of this thread and the ability to get Leela some much needed props.

*Deck Notes - I would change the ice build on the NEH build, it’s on the publish.

Leela Finds a Way:

Wausau NEH:

Direct your questions to Spags - I’m going mobile / underground


Winning deck lists from The Common Room Store Champs in Bloomington, Indiana, in USA. There were 10 players and the tournament took place on February 22. Cards legal through Order and Chaos.

The winner was David Kempe.



Finally managed to win a store champ.

Card pool: Order & Chaos
Event: Store championship
Players: 20
Location: At Ease Games
City: San Diego, CA
Country: United States
Date: 2/21/2015
Winner: Timmy Wong

In Your Head

Nisei Division: The Next Generation (Honor and Profit)

Agenda (10)

Asset (5)

Upgrade (6)

Operation (10)

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (6)

Sentry (9)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

It’s Hammer Time

Edward Kim: Humanity’s Hammer (Order and Chaos)

Event (15)

Hardware (8)

Resource (10)

Icebreaker (3)

Program (9)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

I really wanted to bring my BWBI deck yesterday, but it was just too slow and too inflexible for me to feel good about it. NBN FA was the only good fast corp deck I knew about, and I didn’t want to play that. So I brewed up a Nisei rush/glacier deck based around chum. It didn’t end up being that fast, but oh well. At least it’s the first deck in which I managed to justify playing my alt-art troubleshooter - thanks @ff0x!

On the other hand, I’ve been tweaking the runner deck for a couple weeks, after seeing a list with special order in the Kim thread. I think I’ve settled on a pretty solid build.

Tournament summary:

Round 1 against Alex (Blue Sun scorch / PPVP Kate)
As corp, I scored through a chum-archer-chum-chum-anson/troubleshooter server. Alex didn’t know about the chum/femme interaction, but I don’t think it would have made a difference. When it was his turn to corp, Alex was forced to jackson-mulligan on the first turn. I capitalized on his stumble by stealing his agendas and trashing his flatline pieces, and he never managed to recover. 4 prestige.

Round 2 against Dylan (EtF FA / Quetzal keyhole)
As corp, it’s my turn to mulligan into an agenda-dense draw and I lost very quickly. The second game was quite close. I managed to make him rez lots of ice, keeping him poor long enough for me to find 7 points. 6 prestige.

Round 3 against Vince (Stronger Together / The Professor)
In my corp game, my rush plan proved too fast for the Professor to match; he got some agendas off of a vulnerable R&D, but not enough to win. As runner, I snatched 5 points off R&D with lucky accesses, kept Vince clicking for credits by trashing his bioroids, and eventually found the winning NAPD in HQ. 10 prestige.

Lunch break! This was awesome because we didn’t have time to get breakfast. I ordered a carne asada omelette to eat at the restaurant and a shrimp-and-chicken burrito for later. Haumph.

Round 4 against Jeff (Blue Sun constellation ice / Leela aggro)
Kim had a slow start, which Blue Sun punished mercilessly. Jeff made all the money and rushed out 7 points before I could blink. As corp I drew little economy and Leela’s ability kept slowing me down. Ultimately Jeff siphoned me a bunch and won via double RDI. 10 prestige.

Round 5 against Jeremy (PE constellation-ToL / Valencia)
Kim vs. PE was long and grindy, and our agenda totals were consistently neck-and-neck. Toward the end I trashed his second trick of light from R&D, preventing him from fast advancing the last 2 points, and I finally got the 7th point with 2 cards left in my stack. We only had about 15 minutes left for the second game, so it came down to me rushing out a Future Perfect to get a 4-3 timed win. 13 prestige.

…which turned out to be good enough for 4th seed. Two other guys from the LA car had also made top 8. :+1:

Round 1 against Greg (MaxX PPVP-siphon)
Greg is one of those LA guys, so it was a bummer to play him first. He was playing NEH and MaxX. I didn’t feel like losing to astrochain just then, so I decided to try my corp luck against MaxX.

Neither of us got anywhere for the longest time, since I had to spend so much energy defending my centrals. His first wanton trashed 2 archers and his second trashed 2 agendas, but on the next turn I managed to topdeck jackson on my second click-to-draw. The match ended on time, 4-3 in my favor. In an untimed game I probably would have lost, since toward the end he was keyholing with some regularity.

Round 2 against Jeremy (PE constellation-ToL)
Now that I knew what Jeremy was up to, I wasn’t as intimidated by his PE deck (although it certainly had plenty of kill potential). He kept a hand with just a quandary and never drew enough ice to keep me out. I facechecked his remotes, pressured R&D, and finally got into a flooded HQ for the win.

Round 3 against Darren (NEH FA with scary stuff)
And Darren would be the last LA guy. I had a great opening draw with sure gamble and double daily casts - all those credits helped me hammer his HQ, stealing an astro and trashing a biotic labor. Then I ran out of money and had to slowly rebuild with kati; fortunately, Darren also had to recover economically, and he never drew a second astro. Eventually I assemble imp + VBG to trash all of his remotes and gordian + spinal modem to break through the lotus field on HQ and close out the game.

I was now in the enviable position of waiting two rounds while the loser’s bracket wrapped up. Burrito time!

Finals against Darren (Andromeda)
Darren survived his brief detour to the loser’s bracket in order to challenge me again. We decided to strike a deal: the tournament winner would get the plaque and the bye, while the loser would get shotgun on the ride home.

This game was epic. A few highlights:

  • jacksoning all 3 future perfects back into R&D at the same time
  • stopping one siphon with a nisei counter and then getting siphoned two more times
  • forfeiting 1 and then 2 points to the same archer, costing Darren 10 credits each time to break
  • on a 2-card R&D run, realizing that 4 of my last 7 cards were agendas
  • finally scoring out, being left with 0 credits and 1 card in R&D

Props to the San Diego folks for putting up with our BS. It’s great to finally break my curse of scrubbing out in double elimination. Apologies to Darren and Greg, but I’m sure you guys will be crushing another tournament soon!


Let me be the first to say: wat


OH MAN YESSSS non-Stealth Andy / NEH stuff :slight_smile:


Timmy you’re crazy


I got this reaction from every opponent who saw it. That’s probably the best reason to play the deck :smiley:



In all seriousness though, Congrats Timmy, looking forward to to playing you in the next round of SC’s

@tmoiynmwg: Any reason to play Nisei Division instead of PE for this deck ? Or it’s just for the econ boost on psi-game ?

My first tournament win yesterday as Leela / Blue Sun, and it was a store championship. Leela carried me through it.

Card Pool: Order & Chaos
Event: Store Championship
Players: 42
Location: Game Kastle - Santa Clara
City: Santa Clara, CA
Country: United States
Date: 2/21/2015
Winner: Joe Filomena

Tournament was 6 rounds of swiss, no elimination. Leela went 6-0, Blue Sun was 3-3, pretty standard builds for both. Links to the lists:



42 people with no cut? Wow.

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Yeah, I thought that was weird too, I am not sure why it didn’t go to a cut. I think there is a fair chance my corp would have dropped me out of first if there was, I think it still needs some work.

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Might be because of a TO sharing my view that Swiss is a way better format than any elimination. Although for that many players I think 6 rounds is too little, if I TOd such tournament and were to decide the format it would be 7 rounds Swiss with some cut (for example dropping everyone more than 6 points behind the leader) happening after 5th round so that more casual players don’t have to play full 7 rounds which is usualy more than they would enjoy.

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Jesus man, those lists are beyond insane. Like, “that would never work for me, not in a million years” insane :smiley:

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@sighence Isn’t a cut required by tourny rules for a premier event?


The document recommends, but I’ve been to 2 that didn’t have one - some stores don’t want to stay open that late. 5 rounds and a top 8 ended up taking 11 hours in CT on Saturday.

Where do your wins come from with no multiaccess? I guess Imp + Kim sort of works, but I still think 1 each of NA/Medium/Imp probably works a little better. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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