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[Official] Trading Thread

Just one for one…

I’m looking for these as well, but that is a very large going price considering there isn’t many of them in the package. Maybe as the season goes on the cost will come down?

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Maybe. Then again, $30 is a reasonable starting bid for the Virus counters, apparently. It is also a supply and demand thing - everybody is looking for more of the counters. We can’t all have 3 or 5 sets.

Alright. I probably would be interested in 3-for-3, but I don’t know what I can do with a single Troubleshooter.

Pm me. Still have an acrylic Andy left.

I’m willing to part with my 2015 Regional Credits pack if anyone is interested in a trade. I have 2x HB:ETF alts that I can trade as well. Looking for 2014 Regionals Virus tokens, alt Kate, or alt Gabe. Can send credits + some cash to get a trade done as well.

I have got some nice stuff to sell to update my new xwing collection :smile:
Plascrete carapace xX
Adonis campaign xX
Wyldslide xX
Aeosp pawnshop xX
Chaos theory x4
Jazgot=Polish Noise x1
Gabriel Santiago x1
Reina regionals 2015 x2
Andromeda/CI x1
Datasucker x5
Jinteki PE x9
Corporate troubleshooter x10
Melange mining corp x3 +2x polish
HB etf x4
Weyland consortium x11
Kati Jones x2 polish
Crypsis 1
Nbn mn 2
Chronos vote card 1
Gordian blade xX
Popups xX
Plastic credits from gnk 2
Click trackers corp/runners 1
Factions dividers from first gnk full set

Silhuette xX
Weyland vulcan x20
Reina x5
NBN popup x3
Gabriel x4
Jinteki komainu x2
HB awakening center x1
Kit x2
Crypsis x1

Posters from gnk
Reina poster x4
Wotan poster x1
Silhuette poster x2
Masqe x1
Awakening center x2
Popup x1

Silhuette from gnk xX
Freelancer x5
Reina x2
Chronos x3
Baele x1
Pawn x4
Masque from first gnk x1
Silhuette/Jinteki x1
Wotan x3
Vitruvius x1
Tori hanzo pl x1
Kit x2
Reina regionals mat x1

Chronos bag x1

Only cash or trade for world championship stuff

Figured I would post my stuff here as well, cuz why not. :smile:

Updated last: May 18th

Haves :

AA Noise (English) x3
AA NBN Making News (English) x2
AA Pop-Up Window x1
AA Reina Roja x2

Wants :

-JINTEKI BOXES (need as many as you got!)

-Worlds promos: Image
x1 set of tokens (will trade a lot for them just ask me)
x1 Worlds playmat (will trade a lot for one just ask me)

-The Jinteki and Kate Acrylic IDs in this pic: Image
(will trade a LOT,even singles for them, need em REAL BAD)

-Store Tournament 2015 Playmat from Call of Cthulhu LCG

-Mara Jade Playmat
-Blackguard Playmat (Don’t care if it’s from the North American or the Australian tournament)

-Any Call Of Cthulhu Promos (message me what you got)
-Any Star Wars (X-wing or LCG) promo tokens

x1 AA Private Security Force
x3 AA Eli (I would trade a bunch, just let me know)

Interested in the Crypsis, Gabe And Melanges. Never traded/bought on here before, I guess email me at nonmint@gmail.com to hash out specifics? Or is there a PM system?

Already sold sorry.

Have the following to sell:

x1 Plastic Edward Kim/Gagarin Deep Space ID
x1 Plugged-In Bag
x1 Reina Roja ID
x5 Adonis Campaign
x1 Pop-Up Window
x2 Sets Credit Tokens

Have: unopened opening moves


aa kat mac macaffery
aa noise
aa scorched playset
aa data suckers playset
aa kati jones playset
aa corporate trouble shooter playset
aa reina

Or make an offer

As popular as opening moves is… Opening moves isn’t worth anywhere near as much as any of these promos, with the exception of Reina.

If peopel are really desperate for opening moves, you can just order German opening moves for arudn 7 Euros + shipping. Goddamn Germans are the luckiest Europeans - strong economy, good quality of life and welfare state, and cheap Netrunner.


If you don’t mind it’s in german, sure why not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking for the complete Lunar Cycle set of cards. Can anyone direct me to a good place to purchase all 6 for a fair price?

I’ve had success with eBay in the past. I’ve picked up packs for $11.00-ish before, and seen them as low as $8.00, I believe. Possibly slightly lower ($7.50 or so). New condition.

All prices American.

So I just came across some uncut test sheets in my closet. I have the entire Genesis cycle (6 sheets), but they aren’t in the best condition. I’d add them to my Haves list above, but I honestly don’t know if anyone is into this sort of thing or not. Lemme know if you might be and I can send you some pictures or something.

I’ll keep an eye on eBay for a good deal, thanks for the idea. I’d love to pick up the entire cycle in one go, I just wish that I had more to trade than money and miniature games.

I do agree with most parts. Netrunner is certainly cheap, especially with the quality of the translations. (Account Siphon always tags, Ash effect lasts the whole turn, Meru Mati gets the bonus for R&D placement, Savoir Faire effect says you don’t have to pay the install cost, Executive Bootcamp is missing the trash symbol in the effect costs… and these are just the highlights …)


Wow! Savoir-Faire just became OP! I’d play that.

I’m glad us Swedes are not pampered with (bad) transalations :smiley:

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Datasucker Alt Art
Regionals 2014 virus tokens
ETF alt art

Have to trade:
Reina Alt Art
Activist Support Regionals 2015 mat
Kit Peddler Store Champ 2015 mat