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[Official] Trading Thread


Back to the trading table it is! :slight_smile:

"“Looking for”"
Blackguard Playmat (Nationals 2013)

x1 AA Datasucker
x1 AA Corporate Troubleshooter
x1 AA Professional Contacts


(Also selling!)

Belgian Nationals 2015 Bag
Nationals 2015 Playmat (Greek, Dutch, Belgian)

AA Jesminer/Palana Acrlyic
AA Same Old Thing
Regionals 2016 Credit Tokens
Regionals 2016 Playmat (Maya art)
AA Ken Tenma 25$
AA Noise 25$
AA Reina Roja 12$
AA Chaos Theory 8$
AA Jackson Howard 7$

I am known for the awesome deals I make people so feel free to message me if you have any of my wants, and we will figure something out. :slight_smile:
Also, I trade a lot to supply the Dutch community with cool stuff, so let me know if you have any cool things to trade me for any of my haves.


Reporting a successful trade with Wosho. A really nice fellow who kindly put up with my eccentricities.

Incidentally, I had a couple successful trades with ffox over the years that I never mentioned.

Great people.


There are a few things I’m looking to sell for cash (US/Canada preferred for shipping reasons):

2014 US Regionals Top 8 Playmat (Pawn)
2015 US Nationals Top 16 Playmat (Inject)
2015 US Nationals Top 8 Tag Tokens

Let me know if you’re interested or have an offer. I can also send pictures if requested. The Gencon stuff has never been played with. I have 2 Pawn playmats, one that has never been used and one that was lightly used. I can’t tell which is which anymore so no guarantees on which one you’ll get (they’re both mint/near mint condition basically).


(i m interested in lotr lcg stuff in case)

2 $/€ shipping world wide

very rare

2 eli 145 € / p
1 lotus (75 €)
1 2012 worlds modded playmat (180 €)


3 napd 45 € / p
1 making news 40 €
1 palana/jesminder plastic 50 €
1 crypsis 40 €
1 kate 70 €
max ID fan made pic : http://hpics.li/316d3be 25 €


3 melange mining corp 40 € /set
1 hb ETF 20 €
3 corporate trouble shooter 40 € /set
1 gagarin/kim plastic 40 €
3 jacksons 35 € /set
1 jinteki pe ID 20 €
3 katie jones 45 € / set
1 gordian blade 20 €
1 corroder 20 €
1 noise ID 25 €
1 leela ID 20 €
1 ken ID 25 €
2 femme fatale 20 € each


1 wayland ID core set 10 €
3 scorched earth 40 € / set
1 chaos theory 7 €
1 reina ID 10 €

very common

3 plascrete
2 political operative
X adonis
X ice wall
X swordsman

other playmats

1 fan made “shoot the moon paris” pic : http://hpics.li/db960ea


1*4 clicks trackers (big one) 25 €
1 set agendas tokens 45 €
1 set brain dmg
2 set virus tokens 25 € each
1 set tag tokens 45 €
1 set new acrilic credits (2 and 5) 20 €
1 or 2 sets acrilic credits (same than above) (1 and 3) 25 €

p.s : you can always ask for more info or pictures if needed


Have (all English):
2x Leela Alt Art ID
2x Jinteki PE Alt Art ID
2x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
1x Corroder Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo
3x Swordsman Alt Art Promo
1x Pol Op Alt Art Promo
1x Professional Contacts alt art (only likely to trade for 2+ NAPD contracts or an acrylic core ID I need)

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x 2015 Store Champs Kit mat
1x 2016 Store Champs Leela mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
3x NAPD Contrat alt art
3x Lotus Field Alt Art
2x Pro Con Alt art
1x Jinteki/Noise acrylic
1x Kate/Making News acrylic
1x HB acrylic

Am in Australia but can ship worldwide, mats always a bit more of course


Completed a successful trade with @Guv_Bubbs; the cards arrived in great condition.


Have(all English)

Fan Made:
Wooden RP
Arcylic NEH
Jackson Howard KOS x3

FFG Promos:

Scorched Earth x3
Poitical Operative x1
Ken Tenma x1
Ice Wall x6
Kati Jones x4
Corroder x2
Leela Patel x1
Wyldside x3
NAPD Contract x1
Chaos Theory x3
Noise x1
Reina Roja x1
Jackson Howard x2
Pop Up Window x1
Bank Job x1
Same Old Thing x4
Adonis Campaign x1
Swordsman x1
Chronos Project x3




Maya Regionals 2016

Looking For(English Only)



Eli 1.0 x3
Private Security Force x1
Professional Contacts x2

Project Vitruvius

Please PM me for any trades, pictures available upon request.



3 chronos project
1 plastic jesminder/palana
2 plastic kim/gagarin
1 plastic ANRPC NEH
2 wood ANRPC RP
3 NAPD contrax
3 same old thing
1 hayley
1 leela
6 jackson
1 reina
1 corroder
1 kati
Infinity BABW (idk like 5? how did i end up with so many??)
3 pop up
3 aesops
All the non-netrunner promos from 2015 worlds (vader, tarkin, etc)

2 activist support
2 day job
1 maya
2 tri-maf
2 leela
1 deep red

1 set (9x) blue advancement tokens (from nationals top 16 just now; my honeycombs are probably spoken for though)
1 set (5x) brain damage tokens
2 metal KoS dice (yellow pips)
Infinity orange credit tokens (LMK if you want them otherwise I’m not gonna bother counting how many of each)
Infinity cardboard deckboxes


1 proco
1-3 datasucker
1 plastic andy/CI
1 gabe
1 making news
2 lotus field
1 troubleshooter
3 eli (haha never)

Happy to reserve stuff for you and make trades at worlds to avoid shipping, especially if mats are involved. PLEASE TAKE MY PLAYMATS :anguished: I have way too many and I will trade/sell them under cost.



3 x Chronos Project Alt Art (US Nationals Prize)
1 x Same Old Thing Alt Art (Regionals Prize)
1 x Alt Art Bank Job (Summer Kit Pre-Release)

Various more common promos: Ice Wall, Pop-Up, Aesops etc.


1-3 x NAPD alt art
1-3 x Pro-Co alt art
1-3 x Datasucker

Project Beale/Inject/Tori Hanzo or other non-GNK playmats from early 2015 or earlier.



A long shot, but: anyone looking to sell or trade one of the Media Blitz mats from Origins?


I do not think people realize what it means to agree to “no tracking”. If you cannot trust me, then you should not be trading with me (or buying from me) in the first place. I’ve had twice people try to pull back paypal payments just because they thought the package got lost or something.

Both from the US. When you agree to “no tracking” you can’t hold the other person accountable for the package getting lost. It’s easy saying “Yeah I agree to no tracking” and then when s#@t goes bad to say “I’m making a claim”.

Being a good guy and everything, I had to send stuff over AGAIN just trusting that it got lost. The second time it magically arrived. So at my own expense, I’ve sent doubles of stuff just to make people happy.

This has only happened with traders in the US and I feel that I am either being taken advantage of or people don’t really get the whole “no tracking” thing.

I am sorry my US friends, but I will not be trading with the US anymore, I have just lost my trust in people despite the many good trades and do not want to be a victim of my own good will again. This is a warning to the rest of the people that send out things with “no tracking” anywhere of course.


The lesson here is only send tracked if paypal is involved. They require it and make it very easy for the buyer to scam the seller otherwise.
Though I’m not claiming that this is what is happening here. 99% of the netrunner community is awesome.


Wait, why the hell would you ever, ever ship anything, to anyone, anywhere, without tracking?


Hello friends,

I am moving quite soon and that, unfortunately, is an expensive thing to do.
Therefore you have the chance to buy the following promos / mats.
I will ship internationally. Please be so kind and PM me if you are interested.

Complete playsets:

Same Old Thing (German)
Femme Fatale (2x English, 1x German)
2x Wyldside (English)
Jackson Howard (German)
Lotus Field (English)
NAPD Contract (English)
Kati Jones (German)
Gordian Blade (2x German, 1x English)
Ice Wall (German)
Melange Mining Corp. (German)
Swordsman (2x English, 1x German)
Corporate Troubleshooter (German)
Aesop’s Pawnshop (English)
Plascrete Carapace (German)
Pop-Up Window (German)
Scorched Earth (German)

J. Proxy Howard (ANRPC King of Servers @Worlds 2015)

Incomplete Playsets & IDs:

Ken Tenma (English)
Chaos Theory (English or German)
Reina Roja (English or German)
Noise (English)
Gabriel Santiago (English)
Kate McCaffrey (English)
Weyland:BABW (English)
NBN:Making News (English)
HB:EtF (English)
Jinteki:PE (English)

HB:EtF - Plastic Version (Regionals 2013)
Andromeda / Cerebral Imaging Flip ID (Regionals 2014)
Edward Kim / Gagarin Flip ID (Regionals 2015)
Jesminder / Palana Flip ID (Regionals 2016)

Jinteki:RP - Wooden ANRPC Version
NEH - thick plastic ANRPC Version

2x Pop-Up Window (English)
Datasucker (English)
Eli 1.0 (English)


[not really sure I want to part with them, but in case of an ungodly offer, who knows…]

Caprice Nisei (Worlds 2015, Top 16)
Lotus Field (Icebreaker Tournament @Worlds 2015)
Maya (Regionals 2016)
Activist Support (Regionals 2015)
Pawn (Regionals 2014)
Project Beale (Regionals 2013)
Leela (SC 2016)
Kit (SC 2015)
Wotan (SC 2014)
Chronos Protocol Tour (2014)
Deep Red
Tri-Maf Contact
Day Job
(i think some more that just won’t come to mind right now)



Morkai Rune Priest (English), Worlds 2015
3x Possessed (English), Worlds 2014


Eddard Stark (English), Worlds 2015
Street of Silk (English), Worlds 2015

That’s all folks. As mentioned above, I’ll ship internationally, costs to be covered by recipient.



To save on shipping of course. It’s bloody expensive to track mail. If you’re sending $20 worth of stuff you don’t really want to pay $15 for shipping+tracking if the alternative is $1 for shipping only.

At least, that’s what I think. Sorry to hear about your troubles Kelfecil… :frowning:


I’ve never seen tracking for small parcels go above like $3.00, wtf!


I think it is the difference between sending an envelope through international shipping (expensive, has tracking) or international post (cheap, no tracking).

Forget about sending a playmat internationally from Europe to the states, it’s just too damn expensive.


I sent a playmat from Poland to Japan a month ago and it costed around $5.


Just sending a small letter with tracking within Finland costs like 10€. I could not get the price for an international one, but it’s bound to be more I imagine. Yea it’s bloody expensive at least here…for $3 sure, there’s no reason not to have tracking, though.


That sounds great! I’ve looked into sending mats to/from Germany/Netherlands and in all cases the cost was over 100USD. I have no idea why, but the parties in Europe did not know of any more economical shipping either