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[Official] Trading Thread


All cards are in English.


  • Lotus Field alt. art.
  • Los/Jemison acrylic
  • Any other (sometimes double sided) acrylic ID
  • Apex Worlds 2018 ID
  • Apex champion playmat Worlds 2018 (just to keep dreaming!)

Promos for trade/sale:

  • Omar Kueng ID
  • Hayley Kaplan ID
  • Sunny ID
  • Nero Severn ID
  • Noise ID
  • HB: Engineering the Future ID
  • Weyland: Building a Better World ID
  • 3x Mushin
  • 2x Aesop’s
  • 3x Data Raven
  • 3x Team Sponsorship
  • 3x Bank Job
  • 3x Wyldside
  • 3x Plascrete Carapace
  • 1x Femme Fatale
  • 3x Black Orchestra
  • Various community made alt arts
  • 2014 Silhouette playmat
  • Freelancer playmat
  • Weyland Winter 2014 deckbox
  • Anarch click tracker (transparent)
  • Shaper click tracker
  • NBN click tracker


Selling within Europe

Postage costs will depend on where you are

Engolo playmat (2018 regionals) - €30

Metal advancement tokens (2018 Nationals) - make me an offer

4 Pop-Up Window (2015 GNK – German) - €10

2 Pop-Up Window (2015 GNK – English) - €5

3 Bank Job (2016 GNK – German) - €7.50

1 Bank Job (2016 GNK – English) - €2.50

1 Same Old Thing (2016 Regionals – German) - €10

1 Smoke (2017 Regionals – German) - €10

3 Amina (2018 Regionals – German) - €30

1 Reina Roja (2018 Nationals – German) - €15


Hi MrBuggles,

I’m interested in the metal advancement tokens. I sent you a message!


Completing my collection has been expensive so I’ve decided to sell some promos to compensate. I ship everywhere, just hit me up.

Want (in English)

  • Sovereign Sight
  • Down the White Nile
  • Station One
  • Earth’s Scion
  • Free Mars
  • Crimsom Dust


  • 3x Fisk Investment Seminar
  • 2x Political Operative
  • 1x Adonis Campaign
  • 3x Pop-Up Window
  • 1x Ice Wall
  • 3x Bank Job
  • 5x Wyldside
  • 5x Swordsman
  • 2x Private Security Force
  • 1x Melange, Mining Corp
  • 2x Jinteki RP/Whizzard: Fanmade promos made for Spanish Underdog Tournament


  • 3x Reina Roja
  • Sunny Lebau
  • 3x Noise
  • NBN: Making News
  • Ken “Express” Tenma
  • 3x Kati Jones
  • 3x Haley Kaplan
  • 3x Chaos Theory
  • PAD Campaign
  • 2x Chronos Project
  • 3x Mushin no Shin
  • 3x Aesop’s Pawnshop
  • 3x Boom!
  • 2x Scorched Earth
  • 3x Data Raven
  • 4x Wyldside
  • 6x Bank Job
  • 3x Swordsman
  • 1x Jackson Howard
  • 1x Political Operative
  • 1x Adonis Campaign
  • 1x Pop-Up Window
  • 1x Plascrete Carapace
  • 1x Same Old Thing


  • 5x Brain Tokens
  • Orange Credits (3x 10 value, 3x 3 value, 7x 1 value)
  • 3x Agenda tokens


I am looking for very certain things, but other than that, I am willing to sell my haves, so just send me a message with an offer.


x3 GNK Full-Art NGO Front
x3 GNK Jinteki Click Tracker (pic)
2012 Worlds Acrylic Jinteki Personal Evolution ID (pic)
2018 Worlds Acrylic Jinteki Personal Evolution ID (pic)
2016 Nationals News Hound Playmat (pic)

Also looking for, but lower priority:
Personal Evolution PCB ID by Aurbits (pic)
2016 Worlds Hedge Fund Playmat (pic)
2016 Europeans Terminal Directive Playmat (pic)



x1 Nationals 2018 set of Metallic Advancement Counters (pic)
x2 GNK NBN Click Trackers (pic)
x2 Regionals 2013 Acrylic Click Trackers (pic)
x3 Regionals 2016 2s/5s Acrylic Orange Credits (pic)
x1 GNK Set of Acrylic Brain Damage tokens

x3 Alt Art Smoke (Regionals 2017)
x2 Alt Art Bhagat (European 2016)
x1 Full Art Magnum Opus (PAX) (pic)
x2 Alt Art BOOM! (Nationals 2017)

Almost a hundred successful trades at this point through both BGG and Stimhack.com.


I’m looking for the last gnk-stuff

3 x NGO front

3 x Black Orchestra

I have tons of other alt-arts for offer - nearly everything - just pm me what you’re looking for.

I’m willing to buy those as well.


Have a Magnum Opus T-Shirt Size L.
For $$$ or rare Alt Arts.


I was wondering how many of those GNKs every made it into the wild. The store were we normally play didn’t land any and I hadn’t heard of any around Metro Atlanta that did either. I’m sure some got distributed somewhere :slight_smile:


I have (all brand-new and sealed/unopened):

The Source (the data pack from Lunar cycle, not the single card) - English
Order & Chaos - German
Honor & Profit - German

I am wanting:

Future Proof data pack - English only

Happy to consider other swaps/cash.


I am looking to buy some acrylic light blue/teal advancement tokens from nationals 2016. Offers via PM welcome!


Hey, I am looking to sell/trade some stuff.
I am located in Europe.



  • Magnum Opus

  • Lotus Field

  • Eli 1.0

  • Data Sucker

  • Wall of Static

  • Imp

  • NBN: Controlling the Message

  • NBN:Making News (ger)

  • Chronos Project

  • Con Troubleshooter (ger)

  • Boom!

  • Weyland BABW (ger)

  • Same Old thing

  • Ken Tenma

  • Melange Mining Corp

  • Aesops Pawnshop

  • Gordian Blade (ger)

  • Pad Campaign

  • Team Sponsorship

  • Reina Roja

  • Political Operative (ger)

  • Chaos Theorie

  • Smoke

  • fisk investment seminar

  • GNK-Stuff (swordsman, Mushin, pop Up…)

  • Scorched Earth (ger)

  • Kate Mac McCaffrey

  • NAPD Contract


  • Virus tokens (SC season 2018)
  • Credit tokens 1 and 3 (ffg / orange)
  • Credit tokens 2 and 5 (ffg/orange)
  • Team covenant tokens ( 1c/5c/bad pub)
  • Credit tokens 1 and 5 (from old GNK)
  • Click tracker (ffg blue and red)
  • Click tracker NBN (GNK)
  • Click tracker Anarch (GNK)
  • Click tracker Shaper (GNK)


  • Find the truth
  • Run Amok
  • Leela
  • Planned Assault
  • Silhouette
  • Smoke/Daily Casts
  • Engolo


  • Magnum Opus Cards


  • €€€
  • Bad Pub tokens ffg (not the silver ones) (highest priority!)
  • 1x Private Security Force Promo
  • 1x Lotus Field Promo
  • 2x Brute Force Hack
  • 3x Black Orchestra
  • 3x NGO Front Promo
  • Hedge Fund mat
  • lotus field mat


Hey folks,

I would be interested in buying or trading for the following things:

  • TeaAndInk’s reversible MaxX / Omar (ping @spags just in case)
  • Pandalion’s Akiko & MaxX
  • Amanda Short’s NGO Front
  • 1x full-art Liberated Account from WC2016
  • 1x Blue Level Clearance — wasn’t worried about having lost one but it suddenly feels relevant again…

Looking forward to getting your offers in PM :slight_smile:


Have all Deluxe (R&R unopened) including TD and looking for someone who needs them to fill up their collection. Not sure about the price but it will be a fair one!
Located in Europe


Want (Magnum Opus Alt Arts, willing to pay $300 each):

  • NAPD: Detectives Bureau/Cyber Bureau Alt Art

  • Adam

  • Apex

  • Sunny LeBeau

  • Haas-Bioroid


I would love to get RR! I’m frantically trying to finish my collection and that one is the hardest to find… for a fair price at least. I’m located in Europe as well. Let me know if it’s possible :slight_smile:


Looking for trades or €€€, located in Europe.

Corroder x1 (En)
Bhagat x3 (En)
Diversion of Funds x3 (En)
Gagarin / Kim x1 (En)
Data Sucker x2 (En)
ProCo x1 (En)
Crypsis x1 (En)
Chronos Protocoll x3 (En)
Boom! x3 (De)
Apex x1 (De)
Kati Jones x3 (De)
Fem x1 (De)
Gordian Blade x1 (De)
Imp Fan Alt Art (En)
SSL Fan Alt art (En)

Eli 1.0 x1
Brute Force Hack x3
Lotus Field x2
Private Security Force x3