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On Running Double or Triples of Reusable Economy Cards

Fantastic article and fantastic discussion, really interesting

Just one thing I wanted to say is, from my testing (I run 2 PC in my CT Atman deck), I actually don’t like having PC in my opening hand, if I can have a burst econ it its place. I feel like the card slows me down too much at the beginning from being able to build up a sufficiently large econ so that I can threaten remotes and thus make agendas pile up in HQ (all the while having clicks left to make facechecking runs).

I much rather have a Sure Gamble/Dirty Laundry/or Daily Casts because they produce instant money which when accompanied by an SMC for example can threaten single ice remotes. Then once I have a Clone Chip or an Atman on Personal Workshop, double ice remotes are threatened.

Once I’ve gotten over the initial hump, and I hopefully have a Kati going, only then do I want to throw down a PC.

On occasion, with a really fast tempo game where I need to exploit some situation (say the corp doesn’t get enough ice), the way it sometimes tends to pan out is that having a Diesel (or maybe even a Quality Time?) would’ve been better than a PC, but against the right match-up like Jinteki, I’m very glad to lay down the PC (after establishing an initial economic threat with Kati).

I really like having early burst econ combined with facechecking. Atman especially has to facecheck because you want to restrict the corp to spending their credits on cheap ice of similar strength, because if they rez wide variances like 1 str ice wall and 5 str tollbooth, it can really be a pain to break

Edit: I meant it as an either/or for a starting hand (either burst or PC), since we’re talking about decklists with 2x PC + burst econ vs 3x PC. of course, having both burst and PC from the getgo is really nice

Burst economy makes the PC much much better.
What you REALLY want is a burst card followed by PC, followed by a couple draw+$ clicks. And then facechecking/desperado/etc.

Alternately, burst econ, facecheck, then the PC, draw up+$, develop a bit, attack more.

Its a lot better to have PC in the opening hand so that you can get it before drawing. Its also far better to play a burst econ card first.

(How good is the Andromeda 9 card hand anyways?)