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[Pālanā Foods] Soylent Red (It's Made of Runners)

This card could single-handedly stop Faust. Okay, not stop. But it could profit off of Faust and become a Tier 1 deck. Oh, those pancakes+wyldside? I’ll just earn a credit per turn. We’ve seen what one credit each turn can do with ETF. Plus, even if they don’t have the wyldside set up, Jinteki damage means that they will be drawing a lot. Combine this with that card that limits the amount of cards the runner can draw each turn to two and bam, we’ve got a top deck. I can’t believe we haven’t seen any discussion on this card.


I was just about to start a thread about this. I am super pumped about this ID (take that with a grain of salt, I get exited very easily about Jinteki cards) but I think the ability will be amazing on its own. Sure, its pretty bad against Crim in the early game, but its never irrelevant. You don’t need to pack your deck full of damage effects, or cards like Harvester.The threat of them is enough, and combined for the runners need of cards, I feel this will very quickly become a top tier identity.


I am currently running a PE deck that may switch over to this ID when it is released. I’m pretty excited for a Jinteki econ ID that can rival ETF. As you’ve pointed out, the nature of Jinteki decks typically means that runners will be drawing on nearly every turn, so the ability will fire frequently.

Also note, Drug Dealer draw would give the corp a credit on their on turn, as well as the runner’s turn should they draw again on their own turn. This would be a good boost for what is often Jinteki’s worst matchup. Similarly, Astrolabe would actually make this ID into a min-ETF. Just pitch your Astrolabe if you see this ID on the table.

I am very excited for this ID, I intend to run it basically immediately when it is released.

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Palana will be the Jinteki glacier ID post rotation for sure.

Pre rotation, I do wonder if the loss of RP’s click tax is offset by 10+ creds a game.
I have a feeling its pretty close and definately will be fun to play.

And it will certainly be better than Chronos Protocol. No matter how good I want that ID to be, it still is pretty bad.

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Sacrificing 10 net damage from a PE deck seems like a bad idea.

I guess it has a chance to supplant RP if Whizzard gets so incredibly dominant that an operation econ out of Palana food with no trashable assets is better than RP. If there’s any Shapers at all though, alternating QT/Diesel/Proco turns with installation turns is faaaar less of a chore than running through a pup over archives just to get across town to pay 2 to trash sundew

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Well, the rotation happens after this cycle completes right? If so, Whizzard, Sundew and RP cycle out.

Or am I one cycle early?

You’re a cycle early.

I don’t yet see compelling reasons to play Palana Glacier over RP Glacier. People do realize that you’ll generally just be making 1c on the Runner’s turn, yes? Strictly worse than ETF; I see RP’s compression as much better. As I said when the ID was first spoiled, this may become the go-to Jinteki glacier once rotation happens.

tl;dr personally not excited about it and IMO it’s by nature not an exciting ID.


Jeez I should hope it would be!

Pointing out funny typos aside, I imagine that Palana will play a lot like Tennin but with reliable drip econ. Only one other server with a caprice in it, and lots of operation econ.


There should be some support, maybe a operation that makes the runner draw a card then does a net + Corp gets 4 creds with a cost of 2 or something of the sort. You are not shoehorned into paying the extra influance for Eli or Ice Wall like other Jinteki ID’s, and you can be much more variable with your ice selection. There are also more options so it keeps your opponent guessing, just like ETF. A worse ETF (even though I don’t think that is what foods is) is not bad, especially for a deck like Jinteki glacier.


I just cant shake the feeling that Jinteki doesnt have enough good ice to really leverage the extra credits and if you’re going to be importing good glacier ice, you should probably be playing HB anyways.


Naw. Jinteki wants the money. Jinteki gets so much better when it doesn’t have to worry about money. And if it can’t stick a Sundew early, Jinteki is generally in for a Rough Time. This ID is going to be great. It’ll do for Jinteki what ETF did for HB and what Kate did for Shapers. Except in this case, it’ll eventually rotate.


I agree that losing the 10 net damage from PE is a bad idea, but if you can free up some deck slots, or upgrade your ICE, it may be a net improvement. Also, an ‘always on’ economy could make the decks more consistent.

Will the ID generate enough credits to fuel this money-hungry fast advance pile?

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth

Agenda (11)
3x Braintrust
3x Clone Retirement
3x Medical Breakthrough
1x Philotic Entanglement
1x The Future Perfect

Asset (7)
1x Allele Repression
3x Jackson Howard •••
1x Melange Mining Corp.
2x Snare!

Upgrade (2)
2x Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (13)
2x Biotic Labor ••••• •••
3x Celebrity Gift
2x Fast Track
3x Hedge Fund
3x Trick of Light

Barrier (6)
2x Himitsu-Bako
3x Ice Wall •••
1x Wall of Thorns

Code Gate (3)
1x Enigma
1x Lotus Field
1x Marker

Sentry (7)
2x Cortex Lock
1x Shadow •
1x Shinobi
2x Swordsman
1x Tsurugi

How so? I would think it’s better against Wyldside. There are ways to trigger on both turns as with ETF and you don’t have to install something every turn to get the credit. If it’s worse, it’s certainly not strictly worse.


You’ll make more money doing Jinteki things then you will throwing up ICE. ICE can be broken and once they have the capability of doing so you won’t make nearly as much cash as if you were doing jinteki-things.

I realize many have their faust-goggles on but its not going to last.

I feel like this ID will be strong, regardless of Faust’s prominence in the meta. I can only recall a handful of games as runner where I’ve won without drawing, and very few have been against Jinteki. Running for early accesses or barging through ice against Jinteki is a recipe for disaster.

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One of my favorite things about this ID is that it’s not restricted to the basic runner action of click: draw a card.


SanSan > Biotic IMO. Installing with the threat of ToL-Score can get people to clot a Snare or all kinds of wonky shit.

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Never underestimate the power of econ IDs.

This will be a great ID, since Jinteki’s econ all has major downsides. Celebrity Gift is powerful burst econ, but you have to sacrifice your most powerful asset - hidden information. Good players can get around this by controlling which cards are shown, but sometimes you have 3 agendas in hand and really need enough money to rez that Lotus Field. Fundraiser gives the runner cash, which is obviously bad. Mental Health Clinic increases the runner’s handsize, which is anti-synergistic with Jinteki’s trap game, and really bad in a Faust-heavy meta.

One of the worst places to be as a corp is under 4 credits, and this ID helps you dig out of that hole. I don’t know if it’s going to be top-tier, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good.