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[Pālanā Foods] Soylent Red (It's Made of Runners)


This is a silly deck.

Runners who draw up to five every turn give you lots of credits. Runners who don’t are vulnerable to SEA Source + Scorch + Neural. But hitting a Snare on first click can mean death even for someone who is careful about your kill condition.

I had to not run Agroplex and Celebrity Gift otherwise the combo wouldn’t work or would be given away in advance. You don’t really want the runner to know what you’re doing, so you just play a normal glacier game with Ashigaru and Caprice until you can go off. Though, if you can rush out a Corporate Sales Team behind some binary ice early on, it will do wonders for your economy.


Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth

Agenda (9)
3x Corporate Sales Team
3x Nisei MK II
3x The Future Perfect

Asset (9)
3x Jackson Howard •••
3x Launch Campaign
3x Snare!

Upgrade (3)
3x Caprice Nisei

Operation (13)
3x Hedge Fund
3x Neural EMP
3x Restructure
2x Scorched Earth ••••• •••
2x SEA Source ••••

Barrier (6)
3x Ashigaru
3x Wall of Static

Code Gate (3)
3x Enigma

Sentry (6)
3x Komainu
3x Pup


Thoughts on this deck? Should tollbooth be ichis?

[URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/decks/SCZ9qj74pegG74Wji]Farmville[/URL] (49 cards)

[URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/palana-foods-sustainable-growth-business-first]Palana Foods: Sustainable Growth[/URL]

Agenda (8)
1 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/corporate-sales-team-business-first]Corporate Sales Team[/URL]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/global-food-initiative-data-and-destiny]Global Food Initiative[/URL] [color=#000000]••[/color]
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/nisei-mk-ii-core]Nisei MK II[/URL]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/the-future-perfect-honor-and-profit]The Future Perfect[/URL]

Asset (8)
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/jackson-howard-opening-moves]Jackson Howard[/URL] [color=#e0911d]•••[/color]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/palana-agroplex-business-first]Palana Agroplex[/URL]
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/snare-core]Snare![/URL]

Upgrade (6)
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/caprice-nisei-double-time]Caprice Nisei[/URL]
1 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/cyberdex-virus-suite-order-and-chaos]Cyberdex Virus Suite[/URL]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/marcus-batty-the-underway]Marcus Batty[/URL]

Operation (10)
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/celebrity-gift-opening-moves]Celebrity Gift[/URL]
1 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/fast-track-honor-and-profit]Fast Track[/URL]
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/hedge-fund-core]Hedge Fund[/URL]
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/restructure-second-thoughts]Restructure[/URL]

Barrier (3)
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/eli-1-0-future-proof]Eli 1.0[/URL] [color=#8221AE]•••[/color]

Code Gate (6)
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/crick-breaker-bay]Crick[/URL]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/enigma-core]Enigma[/URL]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/tollbooth-core]Tollbooth[/URL] [color=#e0911d]••••[/color]

Sentry (8)
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/assassin-data-and-destiny]Assassin[/URL]
2 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/komainu-honor-and-profit]Komainu[/URL]
3 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/pup-honor-and-profit]Pup[/URL]
1 [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/card/swordsman-second-thoughts]Swordsman[/URL]

Built with [URL=http://meteor.stimhack.com/decks/SCZ9qj74pegG74Wji]http://meteor.stimhack.com/[/URL]


I feel like in all situations finding Argoplex earlier works better than Fast Track.


Saw a very similar list that won a small polish SC recently, and served as my own jumping off point for the ID - it’s a solid list with great fundamentals. I think Ichi is the way to go here - already a strong ICE, plus the synergy with batty can’t be ignored.

So far I’ve made a tweak here and a tweak there (as well as experimenting with a much rushier agenda suite with mixed but positive results) but overall I’d definitely recommend looking at his ICE layout and giving it a shot, it really does a lot of work and imo spends the influence in the right places.


Is this just x3 Medical Breakthrough and x1 Philotic? The idea of a rushier, never advancy deck sounds right up my alley. I repped NBN back in the core set days, when Never Advance was a great strategy.


Almost all people here tend to run an 8 agenda suite. The suite includes 4 5/3 agendas and 4 4/2 agendas, of which the 3 of them are Nisei MkIIs and the other one is either an N.A.P.D. or a corporate sales team. Sometimes a 3/2 even, namely a philotic entanglement.

In my short (up to now) experience with Palana and with all the Anarchs running rampant, the inlcusion of 2X chronos project in place of the 4/2 agenda and another card (maybe one upgrade but still keep 3X Caprice), pays off more times than not. The runner does not suspect a face down card in the remote since he thinks that it is an upgrade and even if it will remove just 10-15 cards, it is something. Sometimes the fear of a second one or just the disappointment of the runner, may be even more crucial for the result of the game.

Try it!


This is all true in terms of scoring it. The problem is having it stolen from R&D with a turntable on the board - it’s such a huge swing!


Yeah, that’s what I’m currently running, though brain trust over medical is an ok call too. Synergizes well with snare and gives you a couple more options to close out. Hard to say, though, b/c nisei is also very very strong.

[quote=“ZiNOS, post:327, topic:6920”]
Almost all people here tend to run an 8 agenda suite. The suite includes 4 5/3 agendas
[/quote]this. Jinteki has access to the best two 3pointers in the game, it makes sense to take advantage of them and keep your agenda density low, no matter which way you go with 2 pointers.


the only choices i keep coming back to are

  1. 2x GFI 2x TFP or 1x GFI 3xTFP +1 influence
  2. Corporate sales team or philotic


Same here. Having a TFP stolen sucks, but that one inf is so valuable and most runners haven’t gone back to slotting FC outside of Shaper yet.

The issue with CST vs Philotic is that you want CST early and Philotic late. CST pays dividends, especially stacked with Palana. Philotic gets scored easily because no one respects it, so you want it to close games out. So far I’m leaning towards CST because if you get it as your first/second agenda it does tons of work.


interesting. i have a question for you. if you have a Nisei and a CST in hand and a scoring remote set up ready to go, which one goes in the remote first?


Depends entirely on board state. If I have a decent server and enough money to handle ice rezzes, psi, and scoring, Nisei. It it’s super early and I’m trying to slam out an agenda in a scoring window against a runner who can’t get in, CST. You can ride the tempo gain from it into another score pretty easily.

Between the two I would generally prioritize the Nisei though. That token is so important.


[quote=“Chuftbot, post:333, topic:6920”]
Between the two I would generally prioritize the Nisei though. That token is so important.
[/quote]yeah, in almost any situation. People don’t tend to think of Nisei as being as good as Astro because it’s a 4/2, but the train is just as real (it can be even better if the runner gives up and doesn’t force your token). That token wins games.

As good as CST is, this is the reason I stopped running it; philotic is just stupid easy to score and gives you a lot more flexibility for score order (with just 4/2s and 5/3s you end up always wanting to score 5/3s last, which can be trouble since you have 4 that can pile up in hand…)


Philotic might be cool in Snare builds. If you Gift Philotic away, later on putting Snare in the remote is so much better.


My favorite weyland rush play was to use an Atlas token to pull up another Atlus and then put a snare in the scoring remote.


I would say yes to tollbooths as ichi 1.0’s (or Vikrams). Might have to slot in 1 more ETR ice for something else (maybe Ashigaru for Assassin?)


What does everyone think of the upcoming current “Clones are Not People” to aid in a rush deck? It’s worrying if R&D isn’t secured and 3c ain’t cheap.


Seems like you’re supposed to play it on the same turn you score a 3/2 or 4/2. It means you’ll have to telegraph your scoring a bit more, but I’ll gladly pay 3 for a point in a lot of situations. I wouldn’t mind stuffing one into Palana.


I think it would be amusing if you used them in a fast advance deck. Use a Sansan or trick of the light and score a 2/1 in two clicks letting you throw out your current first click.


that makes more sense, bluffing a braintrust as a 4/2 then playing the current if it wasn’t stolen.