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[Pālanā Foods] Soylent Red (It's Made of Runners)


Yes, this is what’s going on. I even told one opponent that it was for FA, and he left it out. The odds of it actually working as a FA are pretty low, and basically 0 with R&D lock, but the Agroplex breaks through the lock with a clickless draw.

Right now I try to start off as a glacier and keep money up, then drop SanSan and/or Political dealings into the scoring remote. If I get to game point, stacking both FA tools is a strong way to close out the game. I’m still using a lot of normal glacier tools, so it can be quite painful to break in, and still have 8 credits for both a SanSan and Political Dealings.

As far as the rez-to-trash ratio, I agree it is unattractive. The cost is at least in line with other FA tools. I’m not sure if I’d like it more if it cost 2 more to rez and 2 more to trash.


Isn’t CVS still needed to score through clot on a political dealings install?


That’s correct.


That’s because the good players stopped posting.


I feel it’s not suited for the current Faust-heavy meta, or at least, it doesn’t work with a Rush style of deck. I think if you’re trying to kill/deck the runner, Agroplex is fine.

These are just my feelings on the subject as I’ve not tested it, just played against it with Whizzard, and I let it sit out for the entire game because it meant I got more value from Medium digs and my Faust had more gas.


Yes, this list needs 2x CVS before it can approach being a serious FA deck. I’m just testing out cards for now on Jinteki to see what is working, and what I should cut. Lots of people on Jinteki don’t bother to slot the clot, so I’m experimenting with some other things for now.


[quote=“BubbaTheGoat, post:396, topic:6920, full:true”]
Now that we have all agreedthat the Agroplex is garbage[/quote]
Hard nope. Just because it’s situational/matchup dependent doesn’t mean it’s trash.


Reading comprehension fail on my part. Looks like political dealings opens up some nice shenanigans with the CVS itself as well, to keep it hidden/safe.


How’s that now?


I think it’s more that Agroplex is something was just auto included in Palana to start and runners learned to just use the free draw and not draw on their turns. Turns out that Agroplex shouldn’t be included in Palana (or any deck) without being an important part of the deck plan. Just tossing it in for extra credit per turn is a poor trade because 1 card for the runner tends be more valuable than 1 credit for the corp and on an IAA or AAA turn, you’re probably pitching card(s). Also seems awful in any kill deck as you’re effectively increasing the runner’s hand size by Add in that a mandatory extra draw for the corp accelerates the corp secondary loss condition, and it’s easy to call it bad.

All that said, it seems great for rush decks that aim to win quickly anyways. NEH has shown that extra card draw for the corp is not a downside in the slightest if you’re not trying to turtle up. Still seems a bit lackluster to be giving the runner cards though.

…Oooorrrr, you can be silly and try to use it to mill out the runner! IG+Museum+triple Agroplex! Use the extra draw to find the cards you need, pitch extras to make trashing obscenely expensive, and museum to keep cycling cards back into R&D while the runner’s stack dwindles! Deck the runner and then kill them with a ronin way later than you could have killed them if you played IG normally! Add in Harvester because why not!

disclaimer-this is probably a terrible idea and will lose terribly at any tournament


if this site had forum signatures, this would be mine


Too elite for us casuals?


I don’t think he was refering to himself :wink:

I do agree. Several SC winners explained why Agroplex was working fine. It seemed people were saying: I know it’s not true anyway…

That was not motivating to get a serious discussion.


I feel like Agroplex is a great card, but not in this Faust-Heavy meta. And it will especially not be good when the lord our Howard is crucified (I mean, rotated out).


So this turned into the discussion I didn’t want to have, about the Agroplex instead of trying to work FA out of Palana…

Anyone try FA with much success?


I tried FA, if that counts. I won about half of my games, and it was a blast, but you run out of gas hard late game. Getting to 5 was comical. Past that was a nightmare due to the tricks runners are already packing to deal with neh


Been running a remoteless FA with biotic based on a list posted early in the thread. Feels good until it doesn’t. My plan was to use caprice as a late game tool to fight off the clot lock, but I’ve ended up having a lot of trouble securing R&D and my caprices have gone there. Ice selection needs work maybe? More probably I need to play better.


I try to play as a glacier that has a FA tool to accelerate mid-game to pressure a scoring win and/or close out the game on FA. I build up a glacier server with Caprice and Batty and score 1-2 agendas out of it. I start installing my FA tools into the server when I have the money and think I can push for the tempo rush.

I use San-San CG, Political Dealings, and ToL. Of those 3, I think ToL is the weakest, but I wanted to squeeze as much FA in as I could.


Do you install in the SSCG server, trashing the Dealings to score a 4/2? I was using biotic + Trick, but that was before Dealings was out, so I don’t really know how to use it.


It depends on the situation. If I have enough upgrades on the server to keep it safe and I can get an extra Nisei token, then it’s not a bad trade. If I’m scoring my first Medical Research, then no, unless there is a current I really need to get rid or I have another in hand that I can FA the next turn.

After the 1st Medical breakthrough, only the Nisei’s are 4/2, but those are very strong to hold out a server to score anyways. The trick has been getting set up. Whizzard makes a nasty habit of trashing all my ICE.