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Patreon Announcement


I won’t do patreon until you publish your goddamn worlds report! :rage:


It was lost somewhere in Xenobladia.


@lucasli said I mixed up events from our games in swiss and our game in elims and I got confused and discouraged and its been minimized on my computer for a month :frowning:


Also, we will be coming out with more stretch goals, including but not limited to me cosplaying at gencon.


Only if you cosplay as an Eve model bioroid.


Quick question: do you guys plan to make some prized tourneys with some of the patreon money?


-Dan R.R. D’Argenio




Of course. We had a stretch goal that we met for open seasonal jinteki.net tournaments. You’ll hear about the first of them soon. I am hoping to work with Team Covenant to give away a year of datapacks to the winners, talks underway. Otherwise, we’ll be looking into other stuff. Ideally I don’t want to do cash for non invitational tournaments and not give away ANRPC swag for literal everything.

Additionally, we will continue to host invitationals.


I’m happy to hear you guys are working with Team Covy. You should also see if they want to have some sweet ANRPC merch in their online store, or is there an ANRPC store I missed?


We have an ANRPC clothing store, going to add stimhack stuff I think.


Is that on the ABRPC site or somewhere else? I completely missed it. Also, Stamherk swag would be sweet.



Need to update it for Player’s Circuit.


didn’t realize the name had changed; neat!


Did we not publicly announce it yet? My bad.


Announcement tomorrow.


Definitely excited to hear about plans for this year!


It’s up. No specificity. More of a statement.


lol. A year of datapacks. That’s one datapack, then.


Don’t forget to factoring in UK shipping for when we take it down.