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PeachHack.com - Netrunner Videos and Articles

I finally set up a website for PeachHack serve as a center for more content beyond videos. I intend to post videos there, too, but I wanted to allow for the possibility of other types of content as well. I want it to be a very educational blog, with an extra focus on helping new players learn the game and get into the game.

The first post is a bit more nuts & bolts: an article all about what you need if you want to start streaming or recording Netrunner.


Recording and Streaming Netrunner: The Tools of the Trade


I love your work! Good luck with the site.

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Just posted the first episode of a brand new series of videos I’m calling “The Art of Running,” where I record players playing, then bring them in to re-watch the game and provide commentary about why they made the decisions they made. Hopefully you will find it an interesting resource to improve your own piloting!

The Art of Running Episode 1: Travis (HB Fast Advance) vs. Holly (Noise)


The second episode of The Art of Running is live, featuring Ahmed Abbasi (Stealth Kate) and Pacer Stringfellow (HB Glacier)!



I made a video showing my current production setup, for all of you who enjoy production porn. I know I wrote a blog about my recommendations a few weeks ago, but this is what my current setup looks like right now in the real world. Check it out of you’re interested!


I’ve started posting videos from the Giga-bites Cafe Store Championship stream we did last week. Keep an eye on this playlist to see more!

GenCon 2016 North American Championship Top 8 Decklists

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Streaming the Southern Megacity Circuit Championship Weekend! Come on in to watch some great games, enter giveaways, and get some sweet Escalation spoilers!