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Personal Evolution

I start to think PE have a 60% win on octgn becouse most player like me suicide to end the game faster …


With Trade-In becoming a thing, I think at least shapers will be able to viably toolbox Feedback Filter for the Jinteki matchup.

I did end up slipping a one-of Deux Ex into my AndySucker deck as an insurance policy…

I’d rather play an infiltration. Just go slow vs. PE, most PE decks dont want to/cannot win on agenda points

A good PE player will force agenda’s through if the runner is being to cautious though. If you pick up the runner is just not going run on advanced servers, a mushin’d 3/5 (Future Perfect) puts a scoring win on the table. I’ve won a couple of times this way. Granted, not nearly as much as flatlines.

Shutdown PE disagree with you :slight_smile:

I’m not so much worried about the stuff sitting in remote as I am the random Snares I’ll trip over when digging through centrals. Most PE decks are only gonna have the gas to kill you one time if you’re careful but not too careful. Deus Ex shuts that down.

Plus it has the benefit of blowing through a Komainu one time.

been doing some damage to my local PE heavy meta with

trash jacksons, and draw up for the 7-point turn :smiley: works surprisingly well


I like Keyhole because unlike Feedback Filter, it’s not a dead draw against the NEH (or for that matter any deck other than PE these days).

What about Vamp? It shuts down all traps and can also create problems for FA with biotics and/or unrezzed SanSan.

A Sam Suied-style Vamp-into-Keyhole deck wrecks PE (and most other decks, really). It is only a matter of getting set up before they score 7 or get a double Ronin on the board.

Could you provide a sample decklist?

I too have been wrecking PE at LGS with my Quetzal Keyhole deck.

Here’s one: http://netrunnerdb.com/it/decklist/8787/vamp-keyhole-mk-2

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it. I run a fairly similar version, but with Deep Red/Overmind/Rook, and 3x Diesel/Express Delivery/Pro Con as influence.

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It’s true that slow decks can be a chore on octgn, since there is some inherent bloat in game time by the nature of octgn, but I hardly think PE is the worst offender. I tend to find games with beginners take the longest (aside from the obvious reasons why), I find their decks tend to be overly defended without a game plan. You slowly beat them, but it takes waaay longer than it needs to, and you can see that you’re winning even if they can’t.

If it’s because you don’t find PE “fun”, and I can see how it can feel that way when the game drags on from recovery turns and constantly needling your hand is annoying. Then again, everyone and their mother is playing noise on octgn, and if I don’t wanna play against another carbon copy noise deck, I just play runner myself. I would say that since it’s octgn and not a tournament, packing a little net damage defense is probably not going to be the end of the world if you really find it that frustrating