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Plugged in Tour : Seattle First Place Report

Discuss the latest tournament report on my play at the Seattle Plugged in Tour here.



Grats! Undefeated!

And 1st place out of so many people!

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Agreed - congrats to both you guys on such a strong showing at Plugged-In!

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such an awesome event. i was actually thrilled to meet anthony lol. the early streams were how i learned to play netrunner.

so many shaper players…the pie chart on ffg’s breakdown is half green. the strange thing was i didnt see atman. the shaper decks i was running into were almost throwbacks to core set big rig decks which is pretty awful when you are playing a jinteki deck that relies on aggression/over aggression to win.

i would have talked with lukas longer but my first question " why wasn’t jackson howard neutral influence?" didnt seem to make him very happy with me. dawson on the other hand just said “jackson is good now but there will be some cards in the future that will make it hard to include him in every deck”. i liked that answer

I’m new in the game, so I’ll ask a newbie question:
What’s your complete rig? How many suckers you use in it?

Congrats! I confess I built a deck kind of like Alex’s after he posted it the other day but with some changes that had served me well when I played a similar one at GenCon (ex. the focus on burst economy), and the similarities between my deck and yours are pretty scary. :smile:

So the people wanna know: who’d you vote for, Collective or Fisk?

Corroder, Yog.0, Ninja/Mimic, and a Datasucker or two. Sometimes Crypsis will stand in for another breaker. That is the full program suite, but the total “rig” would include the Desperado and at least one R&D Interface.

I was really torn because I vastly prefer the Collective, but agree with Alex that it is by far the strongest runner ID so far. I personally chose Collective at the time, but now suspect Fisk would be preferable for the game.

Congratulations Anthony!
Just one small question though: Which guy on the foto is you? :wink:

I’m a huge fan of both decks so I would like to talk shop about the choices and strategies. I have a few questions.


  1. Both of you have said that Masanori was a rather “meh” card most of the time and amazing some of the time. Would it make sense to drop all/some ofthe Masanori’s and include some Hostages and 1x Professional Contact? That would mean removing somethin (maybe 1 R&D interfance). My thought is that Contacts is amazing all of the time and you could still make room for 1x Contacts, 2x Hostage, removing 2x Masonori and 1x R&D Interface. You could also keep 1x Masonori as a Hostage target and find one other card to remove. Thoughts?

  2. Why 2x Easy Mark and 3x Sure Gamble? Wouldn’t it make a little more sense to reverse the two distributions?


  1. Where are you usually putting your Bernices?

  2. What’s your ideal remote server?.

So the fellow playing the anarch deck with Darwin in it was actually named Darwin? That is pretty cool. Reminds me of the guy at GenCon this summer who showed up dressed as Noise and was playing a Noise deck. :slight_smile:

While you were there, did you see anything experimental? I know most tourneys end up with variations on the local meta but was there something that just seemed to want to push the meta elsewhere?

Its not ‘meh most of the time’. Its dangerous SOME of the time, and amazing SOME of the time.

Pro Contacts isnt something I would play in this deck, because I often choose to go tag-me at some point in the game (usually not early)

  1. Why 2x Easy Mark and 3x Sure Gamble? Wouldn’t it make a little more sense to reverse the two distributions?

Because Sure Gamble is way, way better.

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Bernice: It varies. About half the time I’m putting it in a remote as a bluff, hoping to induce a run that wrecks the runner. And then if they dont run, I’ll still get vlaue from it when they have to run later.

Sometimes I put Bernice on a central. Usually R&D if I’m stuggling to get defense for it, as a psuedo-ice. Against Account Siphon, it can make sense on HQ as a way to drain your money, so that both players are broke and the runner gets a tag (or leave yourself with like $2 or something, so if they steal they get 3 tags).

Ideal Remote server - varies a ton. Hopefully early/midgame its something like taxing ice in front of an ice that stops them. It varies so much though. If you get an astro scored, you might not care anymore that the remote stops them, you just want it to cost a few bucks to get in, so that you can make killing your SanSan really hard.

@Sirprim The sexy one obviously. :wink: (Middle, no glasses)

@WinterIsComing You could do Contacts, it is not wholly unreasonable. The problem is that makes your NBN match-up way worse I think. Also removing Sure Gamble is never correct in any deck right now. Sure Gamble is better than Easy Mark in general, but even more so in Andromeda because of her ability.

@MOPropaganda Yeah he has a sweet name and was a really cool guy. I think he was obligated to play Anarchs.

Btw, are you going to worlds?

Oh man that would be fantastic. It looks like at least some of my crew and I are going to be at worlds. It would be great if we could all be there :).

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Sadly I think not. I just got a new software job the week of Plugged In, and I don’t see it working out. Sadly this means both Alex and myself probably won’t be there. :frowning:

That’s sad to hear, I would have loved to shake your hand : (
Guess hypermodern and me have to wave the stimhack flag then. #shipmentfromgermany


I will most definitely be going next year. Unfortunately the timing this year was really awkward for me.

Wish the two of you the best of luck though. I will certainly be up for helping on decklists.


How do you feel about cutting the Inside Job for the third Special Order? It feels like the least essential card and having access to your breakers on time will mean you should be able to break any ice you encounter. In the games I played with this list yesterday I never felt the need for Inside Job.
I know some people would cut the John Masanori, but the games that start with turn 1 Masanori + Desparado are pretty gross/unlosable.