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After quite a few folks have walked away from ANR or dialed back their play time, after people have endlessly complained online about specific cards, FFG, competitive play, etc, we’re taking things into our own hands.

I admin a league in West Seattle and we’ve decided to make some positive changes to our upcoming league session.

  1. We’re doing rotation NOW. So Genesis and Spin are out. This gives older players new deck building challenges, prepares them for the upcoming official rotation and allows new players to come in with a smaller card pool.

  2. We’re doing a ban list. Not huge but about a half dozen cards are just straight out for our league play.

  3. We’re doing our own update of the Most Wanted List. A meta specific overhaul that should hopefully make our games more dynamic and our deck building fun again.

We’re also working hard to be inclusive of everyone in our league. We want new players, old players, and a diverse range of folks coming in. With that in mind, players can self describe as experienced or novice and have their league points adjusted accordingly.

Everyone gets prizes (doing better in the league ensures earlier picks) and each night, anyone that goes 4-0 gets a prize.

I’m not suggesting everyone do this, but it’s time we stopped complaining and start taking some actions in our ANR communities to let FFG know that if they don’t do something, we will.



Would you allow a player who played awhile ago to use cards from these cycles so they could play some games before committing to more product purchases? I’m genuinely curious, not trying to be contrarian or anything. I think this is a great idea.

No. The rules would apply to the whole league. The idea or reducing the size of the card pool is meant to help level the playing field for all players.