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Pre-Nationals Meetup at GenCon


I’d love to get a chance to meet up and chat with you all, before the actual tournament. Are there any organized meetups? If not, would people be interested in meeting up and talking/playing before the actual tournament?


I think I’ll be there early Thursday morning with no event tickets other than Netrunner so I’d definitely be down for some hanging or casual games! I like this idea.


If you want to meet up and buy me a drink, I’m down!


I’ll probably scrub out of Conquest; if anyone is still around at that point I’d love to do stuff.


I believe Hollis still owes us all a drink from the Facebook question of our favorite cards from a set awhile back…


I may be able to help you out in that regard. We’ll see :slight_smile:


I think I plan to be there Thursday afternoon, and I’m going only for Netrunner so I’ll be down for some Barcraft (barrunner? :P) or whatever too!


Any more of the SWORN coming?


should be around eight of us there? not sure what days i’ll be around yet, but it’ll be great to see the michican/indy/chi/northern ohio contingents so soon again.


FWIW I will be there Wed eve, and will be there until Sun eve. I have Conquest on Thur, and Netrunner on Fri, other than that I am looking to hang out with some old netrunner friends, and to make some new ones!


Team SWORN will be in full force. I’ll be around Thursday for Conquest and am definitely down to get my drink on after that.