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Predict the worlds meta!

This is a fun thought exercise. What do you think the meta decks will be at worlds?

I’m guessing NEH and Haarp kill decks will dominate the corp side, while runner will likely be Andromeda, probably Stealth Andy.

What do you guess?

I’m going to guess that some form of rush deck outside NBN will see a decent amount of play—maybe an HB build, or an Argus deck—to replace the rush fast-advance shenanigans of NBN. I suspect Palana will also see a good amount of play. On the runner side, I will go out on a limb and say that the panopticon Haley deck will make top 16, with stealth criminal and traditional remote-control shaper also putting in a strong showing.

hot tubes/similar shit with other id and desperado wizz/rebirth val with scrubbers

Rebirth Andy, Stealth Kate, Hayley on runner side.

Looking like mostly Palana Foods on corp side. Maybe rush Argus, ETF glacier, too.

I can’t see much NBN at all after the hit they just took. Too few 3/2s to fast advance, not enough influence to credibly play Butchershop anymore. Maybe another archetype will emerge but who knows what it is yet.

I predict…

Shapers will make up at least 50% of the top 16 with Hayley being the most represented. Criminals will be the least represented faction. At least 1 deck using stealth will make it to the top 16.

Corpside will be mostly ETF and Palana foods with a smattering of IG. There will be no NEH in the top 16 and any fast advance will be in ETF.


HB. HB as far as the eye can see with tons of Biotic Labor. Plus a smattering of Palana, and maybe some NBN with EoI Food. Unless something crazy gets released in Flashpoint.

Shaper. Possibly lots of Haley. And Anarch. Likely Whizzard survives the cuts, though he’s not, for sure, going to be the best anyone. Maybe Null? I can’t wait to see what the busted card is!

These are some amazing NBN decks that don’t use Astro:

https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/34771/info-refinery-vegas-regional-1st-place- (make sure to add Exchange of Information to this deck)

Obviously you’ll have to cut 2-3 influence because they use Breaking News, but they’ll still be great.

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I predict a lot of combo’ish runner at world, taking advantage of an overall slower meta. Corp wise I think they will be a lot of rush decks trying to beat the combo’ish runner before it’s too late.

But since they will be slower than Fastrobiotic, I believe it will be a hard time for the corps.

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Shaper will get at least two cards on MWL post worlds.


Either Geist or Hayley Spycam for runners and some sort of Sandburg nonsense for corps.

Its too early to tell… most of the Flashpoint will be released by that point.

Ironically, one of them will be Tech Trader.


Must ask to Dan with what deck wanna win the 3rd world


He hungers endlessly…for a competitive deck.


Criminal with Paper Tripping best meta call, wins worlds.

Quoting myself for shame.

Pretty much 100% wrong through admittedly I made this prediction before CtM came out. That really made a mess of the meta and brought whizzard back to life. Also didn’t foresee Rumor Mill shutting down glacier pretty hard which makes my stealth predictions seem pretty silly in retrospect.


Ugh. I was wrooooooooong. Then again, I did qualify by saying “Unless soming crazy gets released in Flashpoint.” CTM and Temujin, thy name is br0ken.

Who ended up winning?

As long as their name isn’t Dan D’Argenio, the game isn’t rigged, that we know for certain.

All UK final, with Chris Dyer beating Ben Ni going to a second game.