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Pumpable breaker-suite in Anarch

I’ve been playing an Anarch deck with pumpable breakers, but I can’t quite find the best combination.

My usual selection is:
3x Corroder
2x Force of Nature
1x Gordian Blade
3x Ninja

This works, but breaking certain sentries, especially when doubled up (Crescentus) can become a pain.

I’m thinking about switching this up, dropping Ninja for a 1 influence Killer, giving me room for +1 Gordian/-2 FoN.

My new selection looks like this:
3x Corroder
1x Force of Nature
2x Gordian
3x Femme/Pipeline

Femme or Pipeline though? That’s the important question. If I go Pipeline, I could try squeeze in little old Cuj?

The deck itself works really well, lots of money, multi-access, I just can’t get the breaker suite quite right.

P.S I’m running 3x each breaker so I can guarantee seeing all of them early, with NEH so prevalent you need to be able to access.

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Even if you’re devoted to pumpable breakers, Force of Nature isn’t worth it. It costs more than Gordian to install and is always more expensive to use. Common code gates:
Quandary: FoN 2 _ Gordian 1
Enigma: FoN 3 _ Gordian 1 or 2
RSVP: FoN 5 _ Gordian 3

Ninja is probably the best pumpable killer (not counting stealth) but is still expensive. You could add Cujo, but it’s still not optimal. You never want to be in a position where you have to pay influence for Pipeline. Basically, there’s a reason why everyone uses fixed breakers and datasucker.

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Instead of getting multiple Gordians/Femmes, I’d consider going 1-3 Special Orders and 1-ofs. Consider Zu over Gordian too—I love that card. Steven Wooley’s worlds top 16 deck is a good starting point, even if it’s a year old now:


His icebreaker suite:

1x Crypsis
2x Corroder
1x Mimic
1x Ninja
1x Zule
1x Yog

Along with 2 Special Orders. He also had a couple of Datasuckers, mostly as econ I guess, so you can consider it a hybrid build. It plays really well with Stimhack, that’s for sure, although I wonder if it isn’t a little bit too slow and inefficient these days.

I used to run a list with Garrote, Corroder and Gordian as the only breakers, but it was too slow to set up.

I’ve been over the cost of using FoN an awful lot, it isn’t brilliant, but staying infaction it works as a strong backup breaker for Gordian. My real problem is the sentry breaker, I don’t really want to use different types of Killers, I want 3 of one, keep consistency up… hence Pipeline or Femme with Cuj as backup… perhaps Cuj is a strong early game Killer until the Femme is up and running?

I very much dislike 1-of’s in Runner decks, especially with the amount of Jinteki in my local meta and the lack of Deja Vu in my full deck.

I’m very torn on what direction to go. Perhaps I go for 2x breakers and 2-3x special order… if influence will allow it.

That deck you posted is incredibly similar to the one I’m playing atm, very cool. I am only running 2 viruses though, more economy and more draw. Special order could be a good shout, but that might be too slow vs NEH and dangerous vs damage decks?

In reina, since we have the link I’ve been running a supplier deck, dyson etc. Which got me looking at the cloud suite and I’ve found Zu to be worthy include. I still run yog because its simply better in a majority of cases, but zu doesn’t take up any extra memory once link is at 2, is cheap to get into play and can deal with lotus field. Sentry wise, I’m still fixed, but that means my data suckers are pretty much held in reserve for those sorts of problems.

This is where I’m at right now, with drip and all the recurring credits getting in is not a problem unless they can create servers that require an excess of 13 credits to get into:
3x Corroder
3x Mimic
2x Zu
1x Yog

I’ve got ice carver in the deck as well, so it’s a nice complement to the low strength breakers and makes the pumping just a tad easier across a run. Paying 3 for eli regularly tends to be a big deal.

Imho, you’re way, way better off running mimc with cuj.0/crypsis/overmind support to handle big sentries. Even without datasucker, mimic tackles the lion’s share of nasty, comonly played sentries (tsurugi, komainu, architect, rototurret, lancelot) with unmatched ease.

If you’re running crescentus (which is unclear, your OP makes it sound like you are?), using the more limited support breaker to break big sentries then de-rez them is a great solution; no one wants to rez archer or grim multiple times.

I agree with others above; way better to spend your influence and deckslots on special orders (and a deja vu or two if need be) and simply run one-of each non-disposable breaker. This also lets you sidestep the problem of running copies of FoN “for reliability,” since FoN is a completely garbage card that you should never play if you can avoid it (and you can).

TLDR: instead of the 9-card 9-influence suite you posted above, I recommend the following 7-9 card 8-influence setup:
3x special order
1x corroder
1x zu.13
1x mimic
3x cuj.0 or 1x crypsis or 3x overmind or 3x david or any combination of these.

better breakers (or in the case of zu.13, cheaper incluence and credit costs) and better reliability with S.O.


I would start with dropping 2 ninja’s and replacing them with special orders. then you could at the least drop one of your Force-of-Natures, perhaps for a crypsis since that will bail you out of any bad situation you accidentally run into.

This, anarch loves to find tutor if it ever can. I ran a noise deck before cache came out that had this spread

2 special order 2 bank job 2 aesop’s and I can’t remember the last 3, point is, the special orders allowed for the breaker package of: 2 corroder 1 mimic 1 yog 2 knight, and it was amazing. Bank job is great in this meta, and selling it to aesops for an extra 2 closing cost is great. Special order gives anarch some teeth for sure, but the influence is always so tight.

Basically you just need Mimic with Datasucker and one counter and single David to nullify all threat.

What I find most disturbing though is Yog vs Lotus Field. This single piece of ice can keep you out, especially effectively when in Blue Sun - your Knights are only temporary solution.
Zu addition kinda solves this problem though, and it probably will be better than Personal Touch on Yog.