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Questions about competetive corps

Hiyas just wondering what the good corp decks are right now. I have just started playing again after a long break. Can someone give me a list of what they think are competitive corp deck types and how they match up vs dumble whizz, and any other negative % matchups they may have?

Deck’s I’ve tried that are reasonably good:
bigboy’s asset spam HB- use this regularly but I think it’s lower % vs whizz than other types of HB
FA/glacier hybrid HB- what I use, 1 loss 1 win to whizz out of 2 games, both very close (1 agenda)
sol glacier- seemed inconsistent to me and still does, guessing it matches up badly vs dumble.
CtM- slums keeps it at a bad winrate vs whizz I think
RP/IG prison- tired of using these kinds of decks, curious what their win% vs whizz is, assuming about 2 slums?
PE jinteki- seems to be popular on jinteki.net atm, but not competetive/I suck with it XD
Palana- didnt actually use this but little has changed since I mained it. I’m dubious of it’s ability to combat rumor mill.

Okay, this list might not be exhaustive, rather what my feeling is what the best Corp decks are at the moment:


  • There is NEH asset spam. I think a good and popular example of it is Team Turtles Woking
  • Railgun is a thing since Dien’s worlds list. Dave Hoyland seems to be a great fan and came up with the improved D1en is my hero list. I think beyoken published an even newer, updated version somewhere.
  • No matter how much hate gets printed, there are still people winning SCs with CtM, so it seems it’s not dead yet. A current example is TheBigBoy’s Total Disrespect For A-a-ron


  • As you already mentioned, there is Jinteki prison, mainly RP. I think something like Alcatraz covers the spirit of this sort of deck.
  • Quite similar, but not entirely is Jintiki mill out of PU, although I have the feeling that fell out of fashion a bit. Here Spicy Chicago Meatball can give you an impression.


  • As always, CI7 is strong deck in the right hands, especially now with VLC. You probably know the basic build, I think a good modern example is this one from Ajar.
  • The other pretty strong HB deck is also a CI deck and also a combo deck, although it plays a bit different: Talking of course about Hasty CI. I’m not overly familiar with this archetype, but this list won a SC, so it should provide a good example.

Aaaand that’s it. There a some more decks that I think are not bad and can win stuff in the hands of skilled players, but what I listed above are the lists I think stand a reasonable chance against both random opponents and highly-competive Whizz/Andy lists. Not saying that you can’t have fun and win games with Sleeper Hold, Jemison FA or Palana Grails, but I don’t they are the bests decks right now.

Remember, this is pretty much my personal opinion - others might disagree.


Thanks for the insights!

I think Sleeper is still pretty good. Its only super bad MU is Faust Whizz, which will kill you unless you get a nut draw and they get a bad one. You can beat pretty much everything else as long as you understand the MU and adjust play accordingly.