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Questions Regarding Hidden Information

During a game on apreche’s stream, specifically Chris playing Jinteki, there was a turn where the runner hit a psychic field and did not trash. A fine play since knowing where it is means it is no longer a threat. A few turns and several new remotes later (2 rows of remotes as there is limited room on a playmat) the runner ran on a remote and scored/trashed a card. Chris then moved a couple remotes around to consolidate space (a reasonable action). Even though his movements were clear to the runner, I could see there being confusion if a psychic field is not in the same place (even relative to other remotes) as when it was first accessed. Is there any ruling regarding how remote servers should be built? I’m sure shuffling remotes a la “Three-Card Monte” is right out, but what rules/manners are/should be respected when creating new servers or consolidating space. Is the onus on the runner or corp or both to keep track? Can the runner ask where the psychic field went if he/she loses track of it?

Bonus question: After a game, it seems like good practice for the corp to reveal all facedown installed cards, as installing an ice facedown is asserting to the runner that that card is actually an ice and not an agenda. However I seldom see this practice of revealing facedown cards after a game. I think that in any high level play this should be mandatory; however this creates the problem of a corp possibly having to share too many secrets (that Shinobi splash) in a tournament structure where it’s likely for two players to play again.


A Corp playing a non Ice card as Ice is taking a significant gamble that they will not end up in a forced-rez situation.

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Interesting questions, both of them. The second one is easier I think: should the runner ask, the corp has to reveal all face down cards at the end of the game. Since both players play corp, both reveal similar info, so no unfair advantage next time they meet. This protects against cheating and misplays (which is more likely I think).

As for the first issue you raise, I think hard rules would be tough to implement. As long as the corp makes sure they spell out exactly what they are doing, and like you said don’t shuffle remotes around, I think the onus lies on the runner to remember which serveris what. I think the “no note taking” clause of the rules kind of covers this.

I think an easy solution to the 2nd problem is, if you suspect your corp opponent has installed non-ice as ice (or however otherwise cheated) call a judge over to verify the hidden information. Secrets aren’t revealed, cheats are.


Didn’t that happen at the first Worlds after launch? A player accidentally played misplayed a card as an ICE.

Interestingly, AGoT has it in the rules that cards placed in shadows (facedown) should be revealed at the end of the game to verify they were legally placed.

Original Netrunner had the same rule. The player had to reveal all face down cards at the end of the game. Why this was omitted from the new rules, I have no idea.

I was at FFG HQ for regionals and a Weyland player accidentally installed an agenda as ice. I think he said his blood sugar was low. Lukas came over and seemed to be fine resolving it however we wanted to, going so far as to ask me if I was ok with the player putting a piece of ice from his hand in the server. It was clear from the way they were talking that 2 ice were available for this choice and I wasn’t comfortable with him getting the better of the two choices given the current board state.

We ultimately came to a mutual decision (which I’m sure he wasn’t 100% happy about) that the agenda or whatever it was could go back to hand and he could get his installation credits back.

There was no match loss or anything. We didn’t reveal face down cards at the end of the game.

I don’t think there’s an official answer, but that’s the closest I can get you to one.

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