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Quetzal - Bustin Down Doors

I think I’ve taken this deck to a good place, but it needs some help. It’s biggest problem is speed, either in getting assembled or raising enough cash. Most of the games that I lose are because I just couldn’t get set up fast enough.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The alternative variant to this deck is:
-3 Tyson Obs
-1 Yog
-2 Sym. Visage
+1 Special Order
+1 Grimoire
+1 Plascrete
+2 E3 Feedback
+1 Deja Vu.

Since the deck is so reliant on E3 for breaking barriers and comboing with D4vid, having the 3 Tyson’s “counts as” E3’s helps to get it out faster.

Quetzal - Bustin Down Doors

Quetzal: Free Spirit

Event (10)
1x Déjà Vu
2x Knifed
2x Special Order ••••
3x Sure Gamble
2x Wanton Destruction

Hardware (3)
1x e3 Feedback Implants ••
1x Grimoire
1x Plascrete Carapace

Resource (19)
3x Armitage Codebusting
3x Daily Casts
3x Kati Jones
3x Liberated Account
2x Scrubber
2x Symmetrical Visage
3x Tyson Observatory ••••• •

Icebreaker (5)
1x Atman •••
2x Mimic
2x Yog.0

Program (8)
3x D4v1d
2x Medium
3x Parasite

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

The lack of Datasucker seems odd to me. Quetzal can easily build up counters early.

The lack of card draw in here is strange, too. I’ve Had Worse and Earthrise both seem like easy choices. You could even go Inject if you were to add Clone Chips, which might be nice for Parasite and D4V1D recursion anyway.

Tyson’s cute, but you’d probably be better off with 3x E3s. That way you can use them first turn against Blue Sun OAI nonsense. You don’t have enough other hardware to make the Tysons worth your time.

I’d also look into switching up your breaker suite to take advantage of E3. Knight, Cujo, and Overmind all work okay to great for this. Or at least throw in a Corroder or Morning Star so stacked barriers don’t screw you, especially since you don’t have Datasucker tokens to blow up extra barriers at instant speed.

If you do decide to go with Knights and Overmind, Deep Red is a better console choice than Grimoire.

Career Fairs will help your economy a great deal, too, especially if you add Earthrise. You already have the Casts and Liberateds.


I am designing a quetzal deck focused on rush and in the first couple play-throughs modded has been pretty good

Yeah, the Atman and 3xTyson seem like a missed opportunity for your influence. Even the Special Orders don’t seem particularly helpful… spending 13 of your 15 influence on that mix is pretty rough.

Mondo is right on with the Knights and Datasuckers. The rest of the breakers (either specific or Overmind) are a toss-up. Pick what you like, but I do like the idea of Deep Red, a couple Mem Strips, and an Overmind.

I don’t mind the idea of running a resource-heavy deck out of Anarch, but there’s a lot of tools that come with that (most for free) that can solve the problems you’ve found in this deck. Something like 3x"Off Campus Apartment" and 3x"Paige Piper" are going to help you rip through that deck much quicker, both thinning and drawing. If you need to go even faster, Duggar’s will get you to an e3 guaranteed. Likewise, running all these resources, you really don’t have any excuse not to find some room for either Career Fairs or Hostage/Supplier. Those two cards could save you half the install cost of this entire deck.

I’d look towards starting with an influence package that looks something like:
3x e3 (obvious)
3x Clone Chip (recursion of Parasites/Datasuckers/Knight)
3x Career Fair (econ boost)

As for econ, I think you’ve got more than enough in there (with Gambles/Armitage/Daily/Liberated/Kati/Symetrical), but most of that is pretty slow and can take a lot of tempo to install and get money from. If you’re looking to speed up, I’d drop the Kati’s and Symetrical and trade them for some draw (3x"Ive Had Worse", 3x"Inject").

Basically, a lot of the answers you’re looking for are already in faction, and I think the rest of the influence kind of picks itself just based off the programs that need to be recurred and the amount of resources in the deck.

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I would say that Paige “rushes” you to mid-late game, but slows down your early game.