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Reason to not get deckbuilding advice from bgg#49

Lots of linear 3rd generation opinions.

I was going to respond in that thread, but I’ll just take the high road and post it here.

If it were a “for fun” deck, I’d understand, but since he’s asking for advice, I think he’s actually serious. That thread epitomizes the difference between competitive players and mediocre ones. Mediocre players look at a couple cards and say, “Oh wow! I can totally build a deck around this.”, whereas the best Netrunner players I’ve seen take a logistical approach and ask themselves, “What’s my endgame? What will be this deck’s strengths and weaknesses, and how can I address the latter?” and THEN they decide to add such cards that the mediocre player was looking at if and only if they have a niche in that particular deck.

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You can go two ways, in my opinion. Try it, and feel after one or two tries building or even playing there is something lacking. The second is that you won’t because you know it cannot work.

It all depends, I got some Timmy and Johnny in me too, so I go for option one;) for me, every game is a learning experience.

Take the jinteki agenda package as an example. If you are a johnny that’s even more of a reason to not go down this road. Compet or casual you don’t want to start going here you auto include things for no reason - its a hard lesson to learn because if your designs fail you ccan just blame the faction. But it doesn’t help to surround yourself with people who want to propagate popular opinions as their own wisdom.

It reminds me of magic players who netdeck and then try to tell you they came up with it themselves and when asked about a card choice all they can ever say is: that’s just the way its done

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The OP there is the same guy that vehemently told me Stimhack (the card) was terrible before any of the expansions came out.


Judging by the name of this site, I am guessing that some of the people here may not agree with him on that. I particularly enjoyed the quote from his initial response: “Not to be condescending, but have you tried this card out much?”

I pretty much gave up on BGG for Netrunner shortly after that.

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