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Regionals & Nationals Europe

https://www.facebook.com/events/283555202067439/ - facebook event for Wrocław Regionals


All updated!

No other Regionals in Europe? Nothing in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy or Portugal?

Added Links to all UK Regionals. London has moved to 17-Jun
Added Links to: Katowice
Added Malmö Sweden on 10-Jun

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There will be a regional in Antwerp (Belgium), but we are still deciding the date.
Most likely in july or august (1 day event), I will let it know when it is decided.

No news from the other stores in Belgium yet.

Still waiting for Hockley (UK) to declare their date

Also according to the FB event London is still on the 24th June

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We just finalized the regional date for Budapest, Hungary: it will be on the 24th of June. ABR page: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/612/hungarian-regionals-2017

We’re always glad to see foreign players, so feel free to join if you’re in the neighbourhood :slight_smile:

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Changed London back to 24-Jun and included Budapest!
Added Link to Prague Regional

Regional in Antwerp Belgium will be held on 25 June.

P.s.: There might be cookies :smile:


Other regional dates from Spain:

1 JUL Barcelona
15-16 JUL Valencia
9 SEP Madrid
23 SEP Bilbao
30 SEp Sevilla
7 OCT Logroño


The date for the Antwerp regional has been changed to 25 June (one week earlier).

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Thanks, came here to point that out :slight_smile:

8th of August, Regional Championship in Leuven, Belgium.

Sorry I goofed, I meant 12/8 :slight_smile:

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Don’t believe those Antwerp guys! Leuven Regional will be 5/08 :wink:


The last date
7-Oct: Regional: Spain,
Is Logroño, not Sevilla.

updated everything & included Links to ABR.

Also added 15-Jul, Sweden Varberg

Are the French not playing ANR?

They tend to stick to run4games. They had a regional on the 20th of may, ( http://www.run4games.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=259&t=10393 )

The other ones i found are http://www.run4games.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=259&t=10432 , Strasbourgh (20th of juni ,more info comming I think?). Someone with better knowledge of written French make sure i’m not lying.

Does anybody know/can anybody find info on whether or not Spanish Nationals has a trip to Worlds as a prize for the winner?

The Varberg regional will be a limited two-day event 15-16 July, with swiss rounds on Saturday and top cut/Cache Refresh on Sunday.

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Depends on player inscriptions, but no more info!

With all the confusion about the Belgian regionals, there are still errors in the main post.

Antwerp regionals is next week 25 June (a week earlier than first planned).
ABR and FB

Leuven regionals will be on 5 August as the TO mLodon stated (ClusterFox had outdated information).
ABR and FB

The regional in Gent will still take place on 22 July, the FB just went up.

Sorry for al confusion.

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