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Regionals & Nationals Europe

Unluckily sharing info about Italian National is pretty simple: it will not exist. The game is no longer supported by any company since december 2016 (when Giochi Uniti license expired) and, even if it will be published again by Asmodee Italia pretty soon, it will take some months to see the Organized Play start again. This means that 2017 was a totally dead year by ANR organized play point of view in Italy (and that’s the reason why I was thinking about attending a National abroad).

Sorry for not giving any useful information :slight_smile:

Will there be a national in belgium? I am asking because it looks like i can’t visit any other national this year. :frowning:

thanks for the update, I find it useful even when it’s not positive!

They are working on it. Tentative date: somewhere near the end of October / November.

German Nationals:
Ticket for ANR are still available, but only sold at the property at the day of the event from 8:00 until 30 min before the tournament (until 10:00)
Hope this helps!

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@JackMade Belgian Nats are 12th of November !

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Thanks a lot!

Official page and such for the Belgian Nationals still need to be made , but i can confirm the date.

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Full tournament happening on Sunday? Seems tempting, and I have a cheap flight available on Saturday afternoon.

added the Belgian Nationals & the Riga Regional


German Nats have currently 60 - 65 attendees and there should be plenty of space left, if someone is still willing to join.

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Stream from Polish Nationals is live: https://www.twitch.tv/mrhuds0n

40 people, we play 6 rounds of Swiss today and top 8 tomorrow

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Belgium Nats is after Worlds?!

Yes. Not that it matters much; this year, any Nationals held after the 1st of September, with the exception of UK Nats, offers a bye/ticket to 2018 Worlds instead of the 2017 event.

Yes, there were some problems with which Store was going to host it this year.

But the bye for worlds can be used in 2018. I think this is even an option with all (European) byes.

Congratulations to @Jander for becoming 2017 Polish Netrunner Champion! Full results: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/694/android-netrunner-omp-2017


Included the Greek Nationals.

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Added Nationals
Hungary 28-Oct
Russia 14-Oct

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still no link for Belgian nationals?