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Regionals Warm-up Tounament! Sunday, July 19th, Plano TX

There was quite a few requests for a special tournament to get ready for the north Texas Regional at Madness, and after careful consideration, the announcement can be made:

It’s time to warm up for the Netrunner Regional at Madness! Due to popular demand, Madness will host a special Regionals Warm-up Tournament on Sunday, July 19th!

Get practice rounds in!

Practice your Regional decks a week early!

Win some money!

Yep, you heard right…place, and you take home cold, hard cash!

EDIT: Here’s the link to the Warm-up event on Facebook, including the link to the preregistration!

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Very cool. Do you happen to know if Madness is doing pre-reg for the actual regional? Some buddies and I are making the trip up from College Station and would hate to get turned away.

I believe they are, but the store is large enough that I doubt they will run into space issues


Prereg link:


And yeah…we won’t run out of room. :wink:

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This sounds awesome. Wish I could go but don’t think there’s anyway I can get away with being gone two weekends in a row.

Nice! Good to hear the c-stat crew is going to represent. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again :smile:

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I can’t make the warm up but just preregistered for the regional. We should have a car load or two coming down to represent OKC. It would be interesting to see what other Stimhackers are planning on attending.