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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


yeah, as Miek said, you can’t trace through IP Block if Acme’s ability is live. like, literally what i put in my post. the only instance where you can trace through IP Block, Pachinko is doing absolutely nothing.

1 credit will be meaningful sometimes, sure. however, the extra tax on the runner will more than make up for it. i still stand by my assertion that there is absolutely no reason to ever consider Pachinko unless you really want IP Block 4-6, and there are much better decisions you should be making for your deck anyway


Pachinko is not an ACME card.
It protect nothing for a positional ice like it is here, and I though you competitive guy were saying positional ice is the devil.

Pachinko in ACME is a vegan Chum.

Remove position from the equation : UCF, DW.


My bad, somehow I brainfart. :slight_smile:

Agreed then, IP Blocks 4-6 is what they’re mostly going to be, if those.


Time will tell-- I feel like Laamb/Engolo are going to be doing a lot of traditionally-AI work.


My favorite counter to UCF is having no money.


[quote=“internet_potato, post:84, topic:9723”]
Time will tell-- I feel like Laamb/Engolo are going to be doing a lot of traditionally-AI work.
[/quote]paying 3 or 4 to break UCF and turning off the ability for the rest of the turn is fine by me too tbh

[quote=“Sanjay, post:85, topic:9723, full:true”]
My favorite counter to UCF is having no money.
[/quote]true story: i had someone deal with UCF once by deciding to gain a tag running into something on another server (Turnpike or something) then hitting R&D and letting UCF trash and do nothing, then keep jamming R&D with medium for the win lol


God, how did we play so long with medium? Such a degenerate card.


New article up today, talking about Shaper and Jinteki in R&R.


Im confused, does Jumon happen at the end of every turn after you score it?


Yep. 6/2 is one spicy meatball, though.


The way I understand it, it’s every turn.


Yes and it is “in a server.” If I read that correctly, cards are in the root of a central not “in” it so this boils down to a card in a remote server. This means that if you want to fire it on the turn you score it you’ll need a second remote or an upgrade in the server it was in. Team sponsorship could be good here or for maximum jank you could use Full Immersion Rec Studio hosting two agendas and a shed load of bio vaults and Ash. Media Blitz may have its time in the sun. Let the runner do the hard work and steal it. Even funnier with Amani in play.


I am wondering why Neurostasis is Jinteki and not NBN? The theme fits more to yellow, but I suppose it’s to get temporarily rid of Film Critic/Feedback Filter/Caldera?


i was thinking that too, but i guess jinteki needed more traps that could deal with things like caldera/feedback filter, etc.


Not really surprising now, but R&R has a US release date of 6/28.


I have heard speculation that R&R was originally a standard cycle that was repackaged as a deluxe after WotC’s perfidy* became clear. Just for my own curiosity does anyone know if this is true?

*“WotC’s perfidy” == completely unsubstantiated characterization on my part. It just makes me feel a smidge better to believe this is the case. Don’t know why.


The original announcement says 58 unique cards (49 3x, 9 1x, presumably IDs). So that is about the size of the other deluxes (55 unique in c&c, h&p, o&c, d&d, 58 unique in terminal directive).

Not saying that it couldn’t have started life as a full cycle (and gotten cut back to fit the deluxe pricing/target market). My (completely unsubstantiated) guess is that R&R was either intended to trigger some form of rotation for the deluxes or serve as a hedge for such rotation if deemed necessary down the road. How the mini-factions get handled in R&R might support/contradict that guess.



Honestly I believe that FFG just pulled the plug.

Remember that ANR was in its biggest hole ever before Revised Coreset got announced. My thinking is that about time they were finishing RC’s design, the hole got so big that they lost faith in new core’s and upcoming rotation healing potential. Hence such a long marketing silence before RC was announced - probably FFG was debating on how to pull the plug. Immediately in a post-Damon pit (burying even the unannounced RC) or in a better style.

Later on RC and rotation did a great job. But well, too late… The jack-out machine was already rolling.


spoiler-ken has a few cards to show us:

Liza Talking Thunder
Prominent Legislator
Crim. ID: G-Mod
The first time you make a successful run on a central server each turn, draw 2 cards and take 1 tag.

<>Lady Liberty
5 to rez, 4 to trash.
Unknown faction, Possible Neutral
Asset(?): Region, Ritzy
When your turn begins, place 1 power counter on Lady Liberty.
CLICK CLICK CLICK: Add an agenda from HQ to your score area worth agenda points equal to the number of hosted power counters.
Limit 1 region per server.
Limit 1 per deck.

Hyperloop Extension
Agenda: Expansion, 3/1.
When Hyperloop Extension is scored or stolen, the Corp gains 3c.

Game Changer
Operation. 6 to play, 2 to trash. HB 5 infl
Gain CLICK for each agenda in the Runners score area. Remove Game Changer from the game instead of trashing it.